TSA… Terrorist Security Agency, or Transportations Security Adminstrations?

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Check out the story above, and you will see that the Title of my article ask a tough question…  Who Does the TSA work for?

As Katie Pavlick points out the TSA has NOT prevented any attacks.


Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.), a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, tells bout how the TSA people patted down an elderly woman, a boy but, completely ignored a man in arab dress who just walked through the security screen.  If you listen to the entire clip you will hear Janet Napolitano explain that TSA continues to work in the “background” to make sure security of the American people…

She is also the person who had the gall to stand in a press conference and say that the underwear bomber incident proved that the system works…  even though the only reason he was not able to blow up the plane was because his, so-called, bomb did not go off.  If the TSA system had work, as she said it did, he would not have been able to get it on the plane.

My brother lives in Colorado, and a couple of years ago, must have been about 5, we, my mother and I, went to Colorado to visit my brother and my sister-in-law.  While we were going through Security at the Sarasota/Bradenton I. A., or SRQ, the TSA people ruined a jar of my Moms face powder by opening the jar, and jamming the applicator into the powder because he was too stupid to either ask what it was, or to just pick up the applicator, one of the puffy pads used to apply the powder to your face, and see what was underneath.  I don’t know if maybe he thought it might prove to be anthrax,or something, but I have been impressed by the stories I have heard about TSA would that make me wonder if they have to assign someone to make sure their employees can find their way to work.

Sure they need to make friends with the Left Wingers but then do they have to bully the people who don’t look like ARAB TERRORIST?

I guess it does…

Voter Turnout…can we got more people to vote?

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I have an idea about how we can increase the Voter Turnout in Florida…

There has been a certain amount of talk having to do with increasing the amount and type of gambling that the state of Florida allows.   What I envision is this, and I have two ideas about this,  the voter goes to the polls, as usual, signs in, as usual, and then the voter pays a fee to get involved in the Voter Lotto.

A box is checked on the voters sheet, and when they put it into the machine it prints out a card of their picks, much like is done with the regular lottery.  The funds that go to the state could be divided up, pretty much, as they are with the regular funds.  I mentioned that I had two ideas for this.  The first one would be fairly straightforward, the other might give the voter a chance to pick not only his vote but his predictions for Place or Show, with, of course, the closer he gets to the actual results the more of the fund he gets.

The really good part of this is that, just like real gamling, it is a game of chance aferall who would have seriously predicted Rick Scott to win..  Place, or show, maybe but, WIN?  No way.  So that just goes to show that this is not a game of skill but chance.

Florida Voters

I am going to harp on the Florida Elections of 2010.

I was one of the %41 of eligible voters who went to the polls.  In recent weeks there have been many complaints about how the Republicans are making it harder for the average Floridian to vote.  I guess that if you cut the early voting days down to one week, from two weeks, that will put a crimp in some people plans on when to vote.

I can even see how some people might get upset over the idea that just because they recently moved into town and were not able to register a month in advance of the election they might not want to vote on a provisional ballot.

There might be some truth to their complaints that it will be harder to vote.  My response is that “if the new voting rules are that much harder than the old one, why did %59 of the eligible voter NOT VOTE“?

Get real here people.  If you don’t vote you got no say in the results.

As for the Wake UP Florida group…  why were you asleep in the first place?