Welcome to My View by Joe.

I won’t be introducing any great revelations here.  My articles are geared towards my perception of things that interest me.. and things I sometime worry about.

Our views of the world are based on how we perceive things, which is in turn based on our experiences…  so different people, with different experiences, will have different perceptions of the same thing based on their background.

I don’t expect you to have me same views, for example, on how government is supposed to operate..  My view is that government is supposed to act in such a way as to keep order, and to provide a level playing field in which I can live, and work, in my own way..  Others want a big brother who tells them how to act..  These people often view thing through a perception called “Political Correctness”.  To them this is the correct way to view things, to me this is a divorce from reality as little that happens in life is “Politically Correct”.

Take “Gun Control” as an example..  To some people it has a simple solutions : get rid of personal firearms.  To me the solution to violent crime is to try and understand what causes people to resort to crime, and then try to fix the things that cause it..  such as those conditions that cause the poverty, and loss of hope, that make some people think they have no recourse except to resort to crime..

The best I can try to do here is to ask questions that might, or might not, get my readers to think about the questions..  Like I said, I don’t have any great revelations, only questions..  So all I ask of you is consideration of the ideas, or question that I bring up..  and maybe once, in a while, you let me know what you think, politely I hope, about what I write.. and any comments you do leave on a page are related to the context of the article..

This blog is moderated, so if you leave a comment about light fixtures on article about, let’s say the idea of stop light cameras, then I will delete it.  NO SPAM please.


That Joe Guy.




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