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I actually have a little overkill her, as far as blogs go, as I have this one, and   Both of the are WordPress blogs.  One is the Free blog allowed by WordPress and the other is a paid blog on

Both blogs had have Akismet to help control Spam…  The WordPress hosted site has the free Akismet checker while the hosted site it is about 5 bucks a month..  I can never be sure about the effectiveness of either program…  On, which has the paid program I get very little Spam..  On I get tons of spam, though most of it I don’t see but, I get a good deal more on the one site than I do on the other..  Now..  The question is : What does this all mean..?

I get a lot of Spam on one, which is the site that is hosted by the people who put out the blog..  Does that act like a magnet to attract spam, or does the lack of large amounts of spam on just mean that nobody reads it..  I have no idea…

The funny thing about the spam that I do get on ThatJoeGuy is the number of people who leave comments on the “About” page telling me how much they enjoy reading all this wonderful information, and how well I put it together…

I moderate my spam… and people who leave comments, on any page, that indicate they have not read that page might as well not bother leaving a comment because, unless I can see some kind of correlation between the comment and the page, it goes by by..


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Warning Shots? Ha..

A while back I saw an article, I did not have a chance then to look more closely at it,

English: no original description
English: no original description (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

about how the Florida Legislature was sending a bill to Governor Scott that would authorize the use of “Warning Shot” in the state code dealing with use of force.

My first thought was “what are they, stupid?” There are a number of reason why “warning shots” are a bad idea..  Lets just look at one possibility.  Lets say you had a permit for a concealed carry and happen on a situation where a group of people are beating up another person..  You think “I will fire a warning shot to scare them off”.  If you fire it into the air, like they used to do in the old cop shows, it is going to come down somewhere and might hurt, or kill, someone not even involved.  If you fire it into the ground it is just as possible that it might follow a hard surface, such as a sidewalk, or even ricochet off the ground and hit someone..  Let us say that the person you are confronting is also armed.  You let them know you are armed, and fire your “warning shot” to let them know you are serious.  Maybe you don’t really intend to fire the “hit shot”, you just want to scare him, he would know that you will be firing that first shot away from him, and he will have the time it takes you to realign your aim to sight in on you and pull his trigger.  It all sounds nice but you have given away your advantage.

There are all kinds of scenarios that could apply here but, most of them are not favorable to waning shots.

I looked up a couple of articles on the new Florida bill having to do with these “Warning Shots” and some people even thought the bill would make “warning shot” mandatory.  At least one of the articles, from a newspaper, pointed out that the bill said that these “warning shots” would be legal where they could be done SAFELY which would rule it out in most cases…

The law does not “mandate” warning shots..  If that were true the state would be opening itself to all kinds of legal problems…   Just think for a moment that the state of Florida were stupid enough to mandate “warning shots”..  I see bad guys mugging and old lady..  I charge up..  brandishing my weapon, I want him to know I have one, he ignores me..  I tell him I am armed and will shoot, and then, when he continues to ignore me, I fire a “warning shot”.  I comes down about half a block away and gets some woman, innocently weeding in her yard, in the head..

Her layers are going to want to make some money, so the convince her family to sue…  Who do they sue?  You, the one to fire the shot, the mugger, who was the cause of the warning shot, or the state which made it mandatory?

No..  making it mandatory would be even too stupid for the Obama administration..

From what I can tell they just made it easier to defend yourself with out having to shoot, and do it so that you won’t get into trouble..

So lets not get carried away with the foul thoughts of Citizens being able to defend themselves..  just be cause it says we can in the constitution..

I know the Democrats seem to want to cater to the criminals..  That is understandable as they pander to the people who’s votes they want…


That Joe Guy

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Is this a candidate for human nuetering?

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune an Osprey woman, Shelley Bezanson,

Which is the Vicious animal?
Which is the Vicious animal?
Mug shot of a Dog Murderer from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Mug shot of a Dog Murderer from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune

aged 28, has been charged with strangling her 7 year old pit bull, Diamond, to death with it’s leash.

I am not a fan of pit bulls, though this is not THEIR fault my feelings about them are really about the morons who think that it is a sign of their manhood to have a vicious dog..  like a pit bull…  It seem that the woman in question had been threatened with eviction if she did not get rid of Diamond, her pit bull.

She then went to her vet in order to have him put to sleep..  The Vet, obviously some kind of crazed animal lover, refused citing the fact that Diamond was healthy.  The Vet then refered her to a number of animal rescue groups that would give him a home.  She refused.  She would later turn up the music at home and strangle Diamond with the dog’s leash..  A necropsy revealed the dog likely suffered a prolonged and painful death.

While I have not seen anything about her having children I can only worry about the future of any children that she might ever have.

There are many people out there who would be delighted to have been able to give Diamond a home..  Many people who have pets will treat them like children and some will even spend large amounts of money for their medical care.  This woman took an animal that, if it was like almost any pet, loved her unconditionally, and murdered it in a heinous and cruel fashion just because she did not want anyone else to have him, or her.

Yes, to me, she is a perfect candidate for neutering/spaying or, at the least, she should be permanently barred from having either pets, or children..


That Joe Guy.

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Party Platform? Is that anyway to vote?

Official photo of Florida Governor Charlie Crist
Official photo of Florida Governor Charlie Crist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember the old voting booths where there were a series of lever that you flipped over to denote who you wanted to vote for..  I also remember that there was, in the general election, a lever that you could use to vote for a strict party vote..

A candidates party affiliation is good for getting an idea of what the candidates views are.  If you agree with that candidate you should vote for them.  I just happen to believe that when you vote, your vote should be for the person you believe will be the best fit for that job.

So, what am I trying to say here?  Let me put it to you this way.

For the last several years it seem that the American budget talks are getting held hostage by party interest.  At one point they formed a 12 person committee that met with the President to decide what to do…  The committee came up with a number of suggestion and put a bill together that, with the agreement of President Obama, sailed through the House and died in the Senate when Harry Reid refused to bring it up for a vote…  He said the Republicans were to blame for him not even bringing it up for consideration, even though a Democrat President Obama had helped in its formation.

There are times like this when you can see that our politicians, who are supposed to Represent our interest, care less about the people than they do their party..

A couple of years ago, during the Florida Governor debates, Bill McCollum pretty much called Rick Scott a crook.  Then, once Scott had won the primary McCollum, cam out and endorsed him….  Did McCollum not believe Scott was a crook, or was he more interested in putting PARTY FIRST.

When the politicians are more interested in their parties agenda we have to remember that WE, the American People, are the ones that get screwed…..  If these people were more interested in doing what was right for the country, and not just their party, we would have a budget done EVERY year.

What WE need to do is get leaders into office and NOT PARTY FLUNKIES.

We are a Democracy because we elect our own crooks.  We are a Republic because we elect people who are supposed to represent OUR interest…  What we have been doing for a number of years seem to be putting the Party Flunkies into power.

We had a governor who was not afraid to side with the Democrats when he thought they were right.  The Republicans said he was not Republican enough, as he did not vote along strict party lines, and so he became an independent, and then a Democrat.  By some accounts Charlie Crist was an even more popular Governor than Jeb Bush.  As a Presently Registered Republican I would vote for Charlie Crist if he runs again.

What we need to do is find and nurture the kind of people who are willing to put the interest of the American people over the interest of their Party, and get rid of the PARTY FLUNKIES who have not been doing a good job of representing US.