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I was going through the various spam messages on ThatJoeGuy.com and found an interesting one.

It was a message from jolieheavener@gmail.com who wrote….

It’s the best time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy.
I have read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you few interesting things or advice.
Perhaps you could write next articles referring to this article.

I wish to read more things about it!

I still have his comments listed as SPAM, and now wish to put it in the frame of a SCAM..

The URL that came with this comment goes back to  http://free-wifihack.com/.  Going to the URL I found this statement…

Unlock any available wireless network

We offer you the software able to unlock any wifi network encrypted through WPA/WPA2/WEP key. Without exaggeration, it is the greatest wifi hacker available.

It is interesting to note that at the according to whois.com the sight is either registered, or is located, in Panama.

The software is advertised as being FREE and able to HACK the encryption protocols of WiFi networks.  This sent up the first RED FLAG for me…  This is pretty much the same as if I sent out an offer to give free lock picks that would allow you to get into anyones home, or office, for free…  Either of this events would be illegal, and they seem to be advocating just that..

The next RED FLAG that I found was that they had a number of different ICONs on the page that implied the software was virus free, and they used to logos of a number of antivirus companies to imply that this software had been vetted by them..  It was just a picture and none of them took me to the indicated websites.

Net there are the seeming endorsements, none of which go anywhere.  This is a sure indication that they are fake, and just copy and past ICONS.


If any of this had been true they would have had links behind them that would take you to the site where they could be verified but, they don’t.
One of the customer statements said  Tested it myself and am more than pleased. And it all goes free. Sounds too good to be true, yet it is so.”   Yes, it is too good to be true..
Anybody using this software would be breaking laws in almost any jurisdiction I can think of…  if it did indeed work as stated..  My best guess would be that the minute anyone installed this software : their computer would itself be compromised..
So, the chance of this being a generous offer made by a company in Panama are pretty much NIL.
I am sure anyone who is able to find my blog, out of all the millions of blogs, is smart enough to not fall for this scam.  I just wanted to make sure.
That Joe Guy.



Florida Teacher Says No to Bible During ‘Free Reading’ Time

Florida Teacher Says No to Bible During ‘Free Reading’ Time.

While I am not a great exponent of Religions in the Schools, look at the trouble they have with just figuring out how to teach MATH and then tell me what they would do to the Bible, but if the school policy is that the students have a period of FREE reading they they should be able to read what interest them..  such as the Bible..

To allow a teacher to say that you can not read this material in my class, assuming she is not talking about pornographic material, is a step toward censorship…

What if the teacher were a Conservative who said the student could not read liberal newspapers or magazines in his/her class?  It would result in a media outcry from the liberals, and would be on their front pages.

Maybe she just doesn’t want her students to read the morality lessons often given in the Bible…?


That Joe Guy.

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no spam!
no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I actually have a little overkill her, as far as blogs go, as I have this one, ThatJoeGuy.com and MyViewbyJoe.com.   Both of the are WordPress blogs.  One is the Free blog allowed by WordPress and the other is a paid blog on ipower.com..

Both blogs had have Akismet to help control Spam…  The WordPress hosted site has the free Akismet checker while the ipower.com hosted site it is about 5 bucks a month..  I can never be sure about the effectiveness of either program…  On MyViewbyJoe.com, which has the paid program I get very little Spam..  On ThatJoeGuy.com I get tons of spam, though most of it I don’t see but, I get a good deal more on the one site than I do on the other..  Now..  The question is : What does this all mean..?

I get a lot of Spam on one, which is the site that is hosted by the people who put out the blog..  Does that act like a magnet to attract spam, or does the lack of large amounts of spam on MyViewbyJoe.com just mean that nobody reads it..  I have no idea…

The funny thing about the spam that I do get on ThatJoeGuy is the number of people who leave comments on the “About” page telling me how much they enjoy reading all this wonderful information, and how well I put it together…

I moderate my spam… and people who leave comments, on any page, that indicate they have not read that page might as well not bother leaving a comment because, unless I can see some kind of correlation between the comment and the page, it goes by by..


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Warning Shots? Ha..

A while back I saw an article, I did not have a chance then to look more closely at it,

English: no original description
English: no original description (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

about how the Florida Legislature was sending a bill to Governor Scott that would authorize the use of “Warning Shot” in the state code dealing with use of force.

My first thought was “what are they, stupid?” There are a number of reason why “warning shots” are a bad idea..  Lets just look at one possibility.  Lets say you had a permit for a concealed carry and happen on a situation where a group of people are beating up another person..  You think “I will fire a warning shot to scare them off”.  If you fire it into the air, like they used to do in the old cop shows, it is going to come down somewhere and might hurt, or kill, someone not even involved.  If you fire it into the ground it is just as possible that it might follow a hard surface, such as a sidewalk, or even ricochet off the ground and hit someone..  Let us say that the person you are confronting is also armed.  You let them know you are armed, and fire your “warning shot” to let them know you are serious.  Maybe you don’t really intend to fire the “hit shot”, you just want to scare him, he would know that you will be firing that first shot away from him, and he will have the time it takes you to realign your aim to sight in on you and pull his trigger.  It all sounds nice but you have given away your advantage.

There are all kinds of scenarios that could apply here but, most of them are not favorable to waning shots.

I looked up a couple of articles on the new Florida bill having to do with these “Warning Shots” and some people even thought the bill would make “warning shot” mandatory.  At least one of the articles, from a newspaper, pointed out that the bill said that these “warning shots” would be legal where they could be done SAFELY which would rule it out in most cases…

The law does not “mandate” warning shots..  If that were true the state would be opening itself to all kinds of legal problems…   Just think for a moment that the state of Florida were stupid enough to mandate “warning shots”..  I see bad guys mugging and old lady..  I charge up..  brandishing my weapon, I want him to know I have one, he ignores me..  I tell him I am armed and will shoot, and then, when he continues to ignore me, I fire a “warning shot”.  I comes down about half a block away and gets some woman, innocently weeding in her yard, in the head..

Her layers are going to want to make some money, so the convince her family to sue…  Who do they sue?  You, the one to fire the shot, the mugger, who was the cause of the warning shot, or the state which made it mandatory?

No..  making it mandatory would be even too stupid for the Obama administration..

From what I can tell they just made it easier to defend yourself with out having to shoot, and do it so that you won’t get into trouble..

So lets not get carried away with the foul thoughts of Citizens being able to defend themselves..  just be cause it says we can in the constitution..

I know the Democrats seem to want to cater to the criminals..  That is understandable as they pander to the people who’s votes they want…


That Joe Guy

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