Recent events in Korea.

Google Earth Photo of Korea I put some background information on another page that went into a little detail, which I got from Wikipedia, about Yeonpyeong Island.

North Korea tends, due to the unstable nature of it leaders, to belligerence. Their attitude toward the South is that the North should take control. North Korean forces kidnap citizens from the South in a continued effort to get them to spy for the North. While I was stationed at Osan, AB from 1977-1978 there were several incident where North Korean “skunk boat” were intercepted after having dropped off South Koreans who were supposed to spy for them, only to discover that these, supposed spy’s, had notified South Korean military authorities.

Durring my time in Korea, the NK continued to do such things as: burrowing under the DMZ, in case of a invasion they could come up behind the ROK troops, fireing across the DMZ, and the already mentioned kidnapping of ROK citizens. One thing they did do that was interesting was the NK government started a program to allow NK citizens to meet, in Japan, with relatives from the ROK. This was an effort go have their citizens covince family member to spy for the North. This often resulted in the NK citizens actually being subverted by their families from the ROK. I do now know it the program is still in effect.

I mentioned the “skunk boats”, or NK spy boats, that would penetrate far into ROK waters. Once in a while these boats would be intercepted, and sunk, at which point the NK government would accuse the ROK of attacking “unarmed fishing boats that had wandered into ROK territory”. This was often done despite the skunk boat having been involved in gunbattles with ROK forces that would result in the sinking of the skunk boat. At least once, while I was in Korea, I knew of U.S. Air Force Pararesuce troops being dispatched to pull NK spy personel out of the water. The Air Rescue people went armed for the simple reason that, inspite of the risking their live to pull these people out of the water, they would sometimes be greeted, as they dangled on the end of a rope, by weapons fire from the people in the water, and so would have to be able to defend themselves.

NK make threat agains the world at large on a regular basis and these are mostly ignored as just bluster. It seems that much of what they do is with the thought that China will protect them such as when China invaded, durring the Korean War 1950-1953, when U. N. Command forces went past the 38th Parralel. For China, much like the old Soviet Union, there was a desire to have countries on the border that were not hostile, as both China and Russia share some border space with NK.

At the time I am writting this it seems that China is making some efforts to help contain the threat to regonal peace. It is uncertain what steps China will take… If push came to shove will they go to war for NK? Would they seize control of NK? or would they just abandon them to stew in their own pot?

I have been told that China, being a large holder of American debt, would dump it’s holdig of Dollars. The would cause a devaluation of the Dollar but, it would also mean that Americans would have to pay more for item coming out of China, and it is possible that this would stiffle the flow of Dollars into China’s coffers. This is a simpleistic thought but, could it effect the people who make their policy?
Does loseing money matter that much to them.
It has been said that most, if not all, wars are a matter of econemy.
This is My View, by Joe.


Deregulation? What Regulation?

I have been reading about how the Republicans, since they have control of the Congress, had decided to begin deregulating various industries.

When you think about deregulation, or even just regulation in general, you might imagine that this implies regulators are carefully watching what these industries are doing.

These would be the kind of people who caught the mistakes that the financial people were making on those derivative asset transaction, put a stop to it and, saved our economy.

OH, I’m sorry. They hadn’t a clue.

Above is from the wikipedia about the great Bernard Madoff, and tells how the swift action by the Securities Exchange Commission was able to thwart is evil schemes.. NOT

It would appear that they were too busy looking for porn or playing poker, on their computers, to peer into what had been reported to them on several occasions.

Now everyone knows about the wonderful regulators who prevented BP’s Deep Horizon disaster, right? You don’t know about it because they never prevented it, and as yet there is no evidence that they even had a clue, or cared.

These are some of the groups that the Republicans believe, obviously, are over regulated and must be deregulated in order to get them going again, so they can help fix our broken economy.

Do we need this? No. What we do need are people in those jobs that are qulified to do them, and have a will to do so. The very idea that our elected represenative wish to reduce oversight of these industries, or others, shows that they are probably less interested in the public interest than that of the corparations that contribute to keeping them in office.


Coming Elections

It will soon be Monday morning, and in two days we will find out who the governor will be, and how many stupid people there are in the state of Florida…  Or at least the number of them who vote.

How will we know this?  They will be the people who voted, dispite his dubeous reputation, for Rick Scott. 

I have had a number of people tell me that he must not have done anything wrong at HCA or they would have put him in jail.

My answer is that Al Capone was know as one of the biggest mobsters in Chicago, and yet all the feds could get him on was TAX EVASION.

Why did HCA have to give him $300,000,000 to leave?

You can tell people who vote for Rick Scott, “here is your sign”.


Florida Politics

I am getting a late start here…  so I will just try to catch up here..

We have a bunch of interesting races coming up in the next week, or so, and I want to look at some of them.

For the Governors office my choice is Alex Sink..  Sure she is a Democrat but, she has a proven track record with the State of Florida, as well as the Banking Industry.

On the other hand we have Rick Scot.  His main claim is to have created jobs.  He did this by building up the Columbia/HCA chain to a remarkable extent, and the got pushed out, with a $300M parachute, and the company paying over $1.7B in fines and penalties.


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