Recent events in Korea.

I put some background information on another page that went into a little detail, which I got from Wikipedia, about Yeonpyeong Island. North Korea tends, due to the unstable nature of it leaders, to belligerence. Their attitude toward the South is that the North should take control. North Korean forces kidnap citizens from the South… Continue reading Recent events in Korea.


Coming Elections

It will soon be Monday morning, and in two days we will find out who the governor will be, and how many stupid people there are in the state of Florida...  Or at least the number of them who vote. How will we know this?  They will be the people who voted, dispite his dubeous… Continue reading Coming Elections

Florida Politics

I am getting a late start here...  so I will just try to catch up here.. We have a bunch of interesting races coming up in the next week, or so, and I want to look at some of them. For the Governors office my choice is Alex Sink..  Sure she is a Democrat but, she has… Continue reading Florida Politics

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