Spammers go away.

I may not put as many posts into this as I should and I don't have a huge audience but, I do have a moderated system. Few people seem to find a reason to share comments but I don't intend to let in a bunch of spam just to have increased traffic. Just as an… Continue reading Spammers go away.


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A Jury of His Peers

Just this morning I was reading a post on the Microsoft News that quoted Hillary Clinton as saying that if ex-President Trump is not convicted it would be because the "Jury" was made up of a large number of his co-conspirators. This brings to mind another article I read years ago about crazy stuff that… Continue reading A Jury of His Peers

Do we really need secure borders?

It is said that one of the requirements of a  nation is its ability to control its own borders. Some countries, such as the old East Germany, North Korea, or just the old Soviet Union, had borders set up to keep their citizens from escaping.  Some countries might only worry about the border as a… Continue reading Do we really need secure borders?

Red White and Blue..

I was reading about the trouble that President Trump recently had while coloring a U. S. Flag, while he was visiting some school children. In one picture there is a puzzled looking Trump staring at the drawing of the other children and seeing that something was wrong. Some have suggested that he was confused and… Continue reading Red White and Blue..

Why I think firing the Special Prosecuter would be a bad idea..

On my first thought, I decided that this was a rather straightforward idea: if you have nothing to fear why go through all the trouble to make yourself look guilty? Anybody around at the time of Watergate, or who remembers what that was, will remember the night that President Richard Nixon fired a bunch of the… Continue reading Why I think firing the Special Prosecuter would be a bad idea..

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