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Are we being served?

I am going to start this with a link to an article in the Washington Post about how robo callers outsmart the Government.

We have a comcast phone number, which does not connect due to my putting in a better cable modem that did not deal with phone lines, but before I pretty much dismantle our phones we used to get all kinds of scams from the famous lady calling about our credit card account, which they knew nothing about to people trying to set us up with free cruises.  This we discovered the NoMoRobo, for which you can sign up here, and we did.  I won’t go into the whole thing about how it works other than do say that you set you phone up so that when your phone rings the NoMoRobo system picks it up and checks the caller ID against it’s server list, and if it detects a problem, such as spammers or malicious caller number, it just hangs up…

The system worked for us,, and the number of calls we got fell to nearly zilch, though as far as I know none of our legitimate calls got turned down.

So what is the problem?  Do the people who pass these law not pay attention to what they are doing?  Did they pass these laws with their loop holes in order to show us how much they care, all the while not really limiting the callers in any meaningful way?


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Maybe its just me..? Public Safety Scams What are they thinking? World at Large

I have been away.. but I am back, for now..

I have not posted anything for a number of months.  It started near the end of last years election cycle when I really came to understand that I did not like either of the two candidates.  The choices seemed to be between the guy on the right who gave off bilious gasses from both ends, and the woman who bragged about her failures and who’s best achievement stemmed from the fact that she, along with her husband, has been able to avoid going to jail.

During this period I started a number of articles, I will try to get back to them, that I was not really sure how to present.  Each time I started on one of them, such as one I started to do about Medical Quackery, reinforced the understanding that much of what we believe comes from our perception of what it is…

Take the one I was going to call “Why I love the Internet”.  In this article I was going to point out that with the ability to search the internet for information a searcher could find more than one way of looking at almost any idea.

Take the idea of the Religious Trinity..  The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.  Some will point to sections of the bible and explain that they are all three aspects of the Father, while others might point to the same section and explain that they are all separate and say that the other idea, that they are all the same entity, makes no sense.

In the Medical world there seems to be an argument that MMR vaccines cause autism.   The anti-vaccine people will point to studies that, they say, proves that Autism is caused by the MMR vaccines, and that the Center for Disease Control  and Prevention(CDC) had been outed as having fixed it’s studies to show that there was no connection between the two.  The other camp, which is sometimes called Mainstream Medicine, will tell you about the CDC studies that prove there is no connection and will even go so far as to tell you that the studies, by the Anti-vaccine group, have been refuted numerous times and they they still bring them up.

Andrew Wakefield so called god father of the Anti-Vaccine movement

Andrew Wakefield is a name that often comes up in these discussions.  It was from a study he did, along with 6 or 7 other researchers, that lead to the assertions of Autism being connected to the MMR Vaccines.  The study, published in the British medical journal the Lancet, would later have his fellow researchers ask to have their names removed from the paper, after his press conference that explained the connection, a connection his fellow researcher stated was not contained the their results of the study.  The Lancet would retract the story, and the British Medical establishment would take his Doctor’s licence away after charging him with a number of ethics violations, such as abusing the 12 people he used in his study and lieing about his work being approved by an ethics panel, or the medical community that took away his credentials and struck him from the Physician list in Britain.

My point here is that we often form our opinions of this based on the way we look at things.

For my last item to think about is this.  In the United States we had a series of mass shootings.  Some people saw this as a call to get firearms away from the public, others saw this as a demonstration that the police can not protect the public and that they have a right to buy more firearms they can then use to defend themselves.  It is a situation where you have to ask : do we work on the symptoms, or the cause, of this violence…

I plan to get back into a routine of articles.  Hopefully you will think about what I say.  I don’t believe I will change anyone’s mind, but maybe the readers will consider what I put forth, and make up your own mind.

These are, as the title says “How I see the world”.



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Robo who?


I got tired of scammers calling me on the phone, so our phone, through Comcast, is on both the state and federal “Do Not Call” registries.

What we get are the people who call up and either hang up when you answer, or they try to convince you that they are just part of a survey..  lately it has been people who ask about our electric use..  is it over $125 a month..  Now they say they are just calling for a survey, but then they will say something along the lines of “we will have a representative in you area, would you like him to come by and complete the survey”..    They say this is not a sales call but, I might not be the brightest penny in the bag but I do know that if this were indeed a survey they would not have to have a representative come out to see if we qualified for the incentives…

Point is : You can tell them you are on the list, and they will say this list, either state or federal, does not apply to them because they are taking a survey.  They work in a phone “boiler Room” and they don’t care that you have put out the “no trespassing” sign.  They also don’t understand the idea that  you might not want to do business with someone who has, despite their protestations,  made an illegal phone call.

So, what can we do?  I found a free service that works wiht some, though not all, phones.  It is a free service from  Mine works through Xfinity (Comcast) phone.  You sign up with the company, register your phone, then set your phone to either forward calls to a number they give you, or set up so that the two phone answer at the same time..  NoMoRobo checks the number ot see if they are in the companies servers, and if they are the system hangs up on them..

I am doing it as an experiment but so far as I know it has not disconnected a phone we wanted to hear from, or let through one we did not want to hear from..  putting “no mo robo” into google..

Now when the phone rings I am fairly sure that it is a legit caller..

It seems that the system will also hang up on phone rooms, robo callers, and numbers from a list of annoying calls.

I will plan to update this in the near future and so, for the time being, if you decide to check it out I hope your results are as good as ours.




I recently received a rather “unique job offer”. sent me this email…

This is an unique job offer with zero costs.
Our team is Florida established mail forwarding firm. We look for devoted mail fulfillment admins who are residents of US.
Zero extensive expertise is needed other than typical computer literacy and also competence to take care of deliveries adequately.
The role calls for the staff to accept packages at their home address and resend the goods and correspondence to our clients.

It is a reliable task having a payment of above $2500 every month.

Retirees, who remain at home, people, or business proprietors who are very motivated to work with us.

The responsibility:

– Arranging delivery forms
– Attend to user needs
– Analyze the goods
– Transport products to the appropriate USPS branches
– Add preapaid shipping stickers
– Be in touch with employer


– Should be an US citizen with a home address.
– Has to possess an automobile or an USPS branch nearby
– Can deal with parcels up to 25 lbs.
Interested individuals should respond directly to this email. Our company will get in touch with you soon.

People are always looking for ways to work from home and there is always people who will attempt to convince them that there is a way for them to make money from working at home.

I have looked at a number of them and, as far as I can tell, the only person who will make money is the one who sells you on the program.

This plan looks rather simple.  All you would have to do, for you $2500 a month is take packages sent to you, and re mail them to the companies customers..

Maybe it is part of a drop ship program.  Say company A sells products to it’s customers, though they don’t actually carry those products..  They send purchase order out to a number of drop ship companies, who will ship the items to you, and you can slap the labels from Company A on them so that it appears that Company A has a real mail room and won’t let the customer know they can buy directly from the real seller.

Then again.  It could also be that most of the packages you will be getting will be stuff that was purchased with stolen credit card information.  In this case you are a cutout used to hide the idenity of the people who used the stolen credit information to make the purchases, and the feds won’t really care if you did not know this.  A good example.

Don’t fall for this stuff.  The man in the example above now has a “Fraud Alert” attached to his credit card, and had to close out his account.


That Joe Guy.

Scams What are they thinking?

Another Rant from That Joe Guy


Todays rant is aimed in a number of different directions…
The other day my cell phone rang to let me know I had a call.. The caller id showed the number calling as 000-000-0000 Now the first thing that comes to mind is that they don’t want me to know who was calling.. When I answered the phone it turned out to be some type of survey..
My answer to the first couple of questions was to push #3 which told them I was not a home owner.. I am now a 60 year old cliché that lives with his mother.. After the first time I replied that I was not a home owner I assumed they would say something like “thank you for taking the survey, but you do not qualify for our gift” . No.. It seems that the results of the survey have no relationship to getting the free gift.. When they asked me to push a number so that I could be connected to an agent I hung up..
Later I got a call from 954-237-8081 where the agent called me back.. He went on to explain that I could get a boarding pass for 2 on a cruise line. He was insistent and I finally just hung up on him. He even tried to validate himself by telling me that, if I could go to a certain website that I would understand that he was legit.. He may have been calling in relationship to Royal Bahamas Cruise Lines.. Or not.
There is also the Scam where some guy who give you and American sounding name, though he sounds more like New Delhi, says he is from the Technical Division of Windows. He is nice enough to to call and let you know that your computer has sent them a message letting them know that you have a virus, or some other fault, on your computer.. I get these calls every once in a while.. The guy always says “your computer”… I figure that if this message had enough information to ID me, like my phone number, it would have the name of the effected computer, so I asked him “which computer?”. They hang up at this point. I love the fact that most of them will tell me they work for Windows and NOT Microsoft..
Even if it is not some whack job Scammer : I put our numbers on the “Do Not Call” list because I don’t want to hear from them.. Sometimes I explain to them that we are on both the Federal and State list. The callers will sometimes explain to me that they are not covered by the law, so they don’t feel bad about calling me.. I explain to them that even if they are legit I am no the list and that should give them a clue that I don’t want to talk to them. I have explained to a number of them that my being on the list was like my putting out a “No Trespass” sign on my yard and that any salesman who knocks on my door would have little chance of selling anything here.. Rarely do they understand what I am saying..
What this brings me to is the question of.. Why do the politicians think we could trust them to do important things when they can’t even design a do not call list that works.. All of our phone numbers are on both the Federal and State “Do Not Call” lists, and we still get calls. I understand that certain groups, such as almost anyone, will contribute to political campaigns but aren’t these people supposed to be working in OUR interest.
Some calls, such as safety alerts, can be useful.. Otherwise if I want to hear from anyone, other than people I know, I will call them.
While I was looking up the number at I found, after looking at a number of web sites, a reference to a free service at It is supposed to be a free service, it even works through Comcast, which works in conjunction with your phone to head off these annoying calls..
If you are as tired of these type of calls and are not going to wait until the politicians decide to serve you rather then their special interest then you might want to look at
That Joe Guy.