Are we being served?

I am going to start this with a link to an article in the Washington Post about how robo callers outsmart the Government. We have a comcast phone number, which does not connect due to my putting in a better cable modem that did not deal with phone lines, but before I pretty much dismantle… Continue reading Are we being served?


A Nation of Laws.

I am sure you have heard this term before.. The question is : just what does it mean..¬† Sure we have laws that govern almost everything we do.¬† There are laws that cover how we interact with each other, how we drive, and even laws that govern what businesses can do in pursuit of profit..… Continue reading A Nation of Laws.

Fair is Fair, or it should be.

As I sit here, in front of my computer, it is Saturday afternoon, it seems as if every moron with a robo-dialer is calling to spew more lies about the other parties candidates¬† in an effort to see, I guess, just how pissed off they can make us in the last couple of days before… Continue reading Fair is Fair, or it should be.

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