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Do we really need secure borders?

It is said that one of the requirements of a  nation is its ability to control its own borders.

Some countries, such as the old East Germany, North Korea, or just the old Soviet Union, had borders set up to keep their citizens from escaping.  Some countries might only worry about the border as a demarcation between their neighbors, while others wish to enforce their borders as a way to keep their national identity from being diluted by the cultures that immigrants will bring into their borders.

For sure, the United States is a country of immigrants, as with the exception of the Native Americans, this country was settled by people from other countries.  When the settlers from Europe arrived they found a good portion of the landscape populated by various tribes, with their own cultures, who would slowly find themselves pushed west, or put into reservations.  historically this is tragic but it was basically a result of not being able to control, or even have, borders.

Over a period of time the United States started to take notice of the influx of new citizens and established ports of entry through which new arrivals could legally enter the country.

We have had immigration laws since just after the government was formed.  These laws covered not only who could enter the country but who could be a citizen, or naturalized.

There are a number of reasons that we would wish to secure our borders:

  • Illegal aliens who come into the country for better jobs, or to escape oppression in their own country.  Many of them are desperate, and so they do not bother with the legal stuff.  Kind of like the guy who is hungry and so he breaks the window at your house and then sits down at the table with you as if he expects you to feed him.  Many of these people have been known to bring drugs across the border, they don’t have papers to prove their residence and so they can not legally obtain jobs.  This last bit would require the use of fraudulent identity papers, or, as some people would call it, IDENTITY THEFT.
  • Don’t forget the drug smugglers.
  • This you have a terrorist who just wants to kill us. Though I have not really seen much about terrorist getting in this way, as they seem to use visitor visas.
  • We also have to be alert for the smuggling of so-called “dirty bombs”.


The point here is that WE DO have laws covering how people can gain entry to the United States, and how we enforce those laws shows the type of commitment we have to be a sovereign nation.

Here comes the really fun part.  How do you enforce your laws?  That would depend on how much you value being able to control your own borders.  The way I see it there are two main points of control, border security, things like walls or even alligator filled moats, and internal security, this being ways to verify that people getting jobs are legally eligible to have those jobs.

One of the ways to verify the person’s eligibility for employment is called e-verify.  This is, as far as I understand it, a way to connect all of a person’s document in such a way that their identity and nationality can be verified.  President Trump only stated to use it in 2018 after several of the “fake news” organizations reported that he, or his companies, were hiring undocumented workers, read that illegal immigrant.  Doing this earlier, and without the impression that he was being forced to do so, would have lent more believability to his urgency about building a wall.

Any measure that is undertaken, be it a wall or an electronic verification process, is subject to an old security adage “no security plan is perfect”.  Given enough time and effort and security system can be bypassed.

The most you can hope to accomplish with security is to keep the honest person honest, make the time and effort they put into subverting that system more trouble than its worth or make them take enough time doing it that they are detected and apprehended.

Yes, if the democrats were to cooperate in national security, we could build a wall, do the verify thing and cut down on the number of illegal aliens who will help us bankrupt the social security system but, what does it really matter

There was a recent report, an analysis of the census data, that gave a timeframe of 20 to 30 years before Hispanics outnumber whites and blacks.  The question then is : will they have grown up as part of the American identity, or will the be like a couple of our new Congresswomen who have shown us they know nothing, or little, about the way this country works.

Who knows.  In 30 to 50 years from now, this country could be another 3rd rate Latin American country with Nukes.


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Red White and Blue..

I was reading about the trouble that President Trump recently had while coloring a U. S. Flag, while he was visiting some school children.

In one picture there is a puzzled looking Trump staring at the drawing of the other children and seeing that something was wrong.

Some have suggested that he was confused and trying to color the Russian flag.  I don’t know about that but, I kind of wonder how he did not know what the flag he wrapped himself in looks like.  After all, all he really had to do was look down at the little lapel pin he so proudly wears to see what it looks like.

It might be a good thing that his show was “The Apprentice” rather than “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader”.



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I have an idea..

I was recently reading about the sanctuary Cities, or areas.  While I was reading some of the material, like how it was suggested that California might want to succeed from the United States. the idea came to me that we might be able to deal with a couple of the illegal immigration issues.

Why don’t we take a look at the Kurt Russel movies, “Escape from New York” and “Escape from L.A.”.  We could pick a spot and declare it an “International Sanctuary Area”, and give it to the United Nations to administer, or just call it “Sanctuary City”.

It seems that the people in that area, San Francisco comes to mind, don’t really want to be part of the United States so maybe they would like the idea of going on their own, and they would get all of those illegal immigrants that come here in violation of our laws.

We could even provide public transportation to the City, and just build a wall around that, plus we would not have to deport anyone, just transfer them to this location.

We keep hearing from President Trump about these people, not just the Mexicans, being criminals, drug mules, and rapist, so we can let them have what they want and still keep them out of the United States.  Yes we still want immigration, just not the people who show contempt for our country by breaking in.

Would you invite the people who break into your home to be members of your family?

Does the bank offer savings accounts to people who rob it?

So we take an area, again San Francisco comes to mind, build a great honking wall around it and let these people settle there.

We could even scatter video feeds around the area and make it into a “Real Reality Show” like “Survival City”?  It might be able to pay for itself with pay per view and season passes?

Just a thought.


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Are we being served?

I am going to start this with a link to an article in the Washington Post about how robo callers outsmart the Government.

We have a comcast phone number, which does not connect due to my putting in a better cable modem that did not deal with phone lines, but before I pretty much dismantle our phones we used to get all kinds of scams from the famous lady calling about our credit card account, which they knew nothing about to people trying to set us up with free cruises.  This we discovered the NoMoRobo, for which you can sign up here, and we did.  I won’t go into the whole thing about how it works other than do say that you set you phone up so that when your phone rings the NoMoRobo system picks it up and checks the caller ID against it’s server list, and if it detects a problem, such as spammers or malicious caller number, it just hangs up…

The system worked for us,, and the number of calls we got fell to nearly zilch, though as far as I know none of our legitimate calls got turned down.

So what is the problem?  Do the people who pass these law not pay attention to what they are doing?  Did they pass these laws with their loop holes in order to show us how much they care, all the while not really limiting the callers in any meaningful way?


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Don’t Dump on Trump just to Dump on him.

About a month, or so, ago I recently received a Jury summons from the Federal Courts..  The nice thing about modern Technology is that I can go online to register and get an exemption, so I don’t have to wonder if the post office delivered my paperwork..  Nice.

After I had finished with that I was looking around at the FAQs and found an interesting link..   Judging an Injustice: During Asian Heritage Month, Japanese Internments Are Recalled | United States Courts

This article made me think about several different, though maybe the same, things.

First I understand that the United States of America is NOT a PERFECT COUNTRY.  Yes, we have wronged other people in the past, and sometimes we still do, though we usually try, in out own way, to do what is right..  If you want to think about this then consider the number of countries who offered aid when Katrina hit New Orleans, or even the countries who decided to aid us when we were moving in to save the nation of Kuwait from the Saddam Hussein.  Could other countries say the same, like Russia?

The main idea, from the linked article, I took away from this is:  for whatever reason we do it, whether it is the Japanese, Muslim, Native Americans, or any other people, grouping many people into one discriminatory label is NOT RIGHT.

The people who made who had the Japanese moved into camps were NOT RIGHT, and as the article says. the opinion from the military that the Japanese were NOT A THREAT was ignored.  I had even seen a story, I think it was from the History Channel people, that said the military commander for the Hawaiian Islands refused to round-up the effected people in his area of command.

The Federal Government is like a very large circus, I DO NOT MEAN TO INSULT THE CIRCUS, with different acts going in different rings, and the President/Ringmaster is supposed to make sure all runs as smoothly as if it were organized.

Each President who gets into that position comes with his own ideas about how things are supposed to work and tries to implement his own ideas…  Most of them have spent time in the Military, so they have an idea about organizational structures and discipline, while others have been in some kind of public office, which gives them the same type of training but, they all learn that even though they are the ones in charge, and responsible for the way their underlings function, they still have limits that are imposed on them by others..  Congress makes the rules and budget, the Executive carries them out.

To be fair to the Donald I would have to point out that he has acted, as the head of a commercial organization, as the person with the final word.  Much like the present Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, Donald’s experience is with the ability to make the rules that he saw fit to make,  once he got into the White House he found that much of what he knew before was fairly useless..

Maybe he did not do so well in his Civics Class.. Or doesn’t really understand the setup of the constitution.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that Trump was a blustery blowhard before he got into the White House, and on his campaign trail,  and so it should come to no surprise that he has continued to be so in the White House.

There is much that he does as the President that is worth a critical look.  The outright travel ban on some Muslims, his dubious relations with the Russians, and his attempt at what appears to be an effort to cover up or hide those relations, and his efforts to control, or intimidate his own Justice Department.

Then again when it came to his firing of FBI Director Jame Comey you have an example of the Democrats desire to “have their cake and eat it too” when, after the President fired Comey Chuck Shumer criticized Trump for doing the very thing Chuck had been calling for several weeks before.

After the Charlottesville riot, Trump had a press conference where he spoke of the violence from both sides, and he was attacked in the press because he did not concentrate his remarks on the Alt-right groups.  The extremist who espouses violence go against the very principle that makes this country great and it does not matter which groups they represent, right or left.

Pure politics does not help the people.  Party politics, when pushed to the max, does not help and is probably the main reason that Donald Trump is now President Trump.

If you are going to find something wrong with President Trump do it because he has done something wrong and not just because he is in a different party..

P. S.  I saw a video of Michael Moore who asked a question…  If they do find collusion with the Russians, and Trump is Impeached..  if they put him up for trial “do we try him as an adult?”


That Joe Guy.