The Truth is out there? In Politics I am not so sure.

The more I watch political commercials the more I am reminded of the old joke: “how can you tell when a politician is lying?”.  The answer, of course is “his lips are moving”.

Here I plan to put some links to pages that might help YOU pick out the truth….  I will not say which ones are better, as I don’t know but, I will try to give an assortment to pick from.

Probably the best know checker of facts, or at least Urban Legends will be

Open Secrets is supposed to be a resource that will tell you where the money goes.

Two of the more popular sites seem to be Fact Checker and PolitFacts.

Even here, I would have to say that before you take in everything they write you should still be aware that, as with the commercials, the possible viewpoint of the checker must still be figured into your understanding.


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