Protecting Our Children…

Not long after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings some people started saying we needed to place armed security officers at our schools.. That is a good question..  Should we spend the money to place officers on patrol in a school on the chance they might be in the right place to intervene when… Continue reading Protecting Our Children…


Speeding cop case dismissed, even though person died – Sun Sentinel

This is indeed an interesting story… You really must reading it so that you can understand the really egregious actions of the State Trooper.. The story pretty much speaks for itself but I will just make a couple of comments about it.. The first comment is that when I was going through the Air Force… Continue reading Speeding cop case dismissed, even though person died – Sun Sentinel

RPOF : Republican Party of Florida

I was reading that paper today and saw the article about Jim Greer, the one-time head of the RPOF, pleading guilty to 4 corruption charges so, instead up to 70 years, he only faces up to about 35 years, though the recommended sentence is about 3 1/2 years. Defense attorney Damon Chase had vowed to… Continue reading RPOF : Republican Party of Florida

Unions : Are they still in our future?

It seems like most of my articles come down to discussions about people rights, and this will be the same.  The difference is that his article has more to do with the "right to work" rather then any other. I am from Florida - which is a "Right to work" state.  Just to be fair I… Continue reading Unions : Are they still in our future?

Defective Detective…..

Manatee County Sheriff's office reported the theft of a Glock firearm, ammon, estimated at 25 to 75 rounds, handcuffs, and other stuff.  The interesting thing is that there was no signs of forced entry to his black 2012 Toyota Tundra that we parked at his residence... My question is : why did he leave these item in… Continue reading Defective Detective…..

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