Voter Turnout…can we got more people to vote?

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I have an idea about how we can increase the Voter Turnout in Florida…

There has been a certain amount of talk having to do with increasing the amount and type of gambling that the state of Florida allows.   What I envision is this, and I have two ideas about this,  the voter goes to the polls, as usual, signs in, as usual, and then the voter pays a fee to get involved in the Voter Lotto.

A box is checked on the voters sheet, and when they put it into the machine it prints out a card of their picks, much like is done with the regular lottery.  The funds that go to the state could be divided up, pretty much, as they are with the regular funds.  I mentioned that I had two ideas for this.  The first one would be fairly straightforward, the other might give the voter a chance to pick not only his vote but his predictions for Place or Show, with, of course, the closer he gets to the actual results the more of the fund he gets.

The really good part of this is that, just like real gamling, it is a game of chance aferall who would have seriously predicted Rick Scott to win..  Place, or show, maybe but, WIN?  No way.  So that just goes to show that this is not a game of skill but chance.

Florida Voters

I am going to harp on the Florida Elections of 2010.

I was one of the %41 of eligible voters who went to the polls.  In recent weeks there have been many complaints about how the Republicans are making it harder for the average Floridian to vote.  I guess that if you cut the early voting days down to one week, from two weeks, that will put a crimp in some people plans on when to vote.

I can even see how some people might get upset over the idea that just because they recently moved into town and were not able to register a month in advance of the election they might not want to vote on a provisional ballot.

There might be some truth to their complaints that it will be harder to vote.  My response is that “if the new voting rules are that much harder than the old one, why did %59 of the eligible voter NOT VOTE“?

Get real here people.  If you don’t vote you got no say in the results.

As for the Wake UP Florida group…  why were you asleep in the first place?

Florida is #1.. in corrupt Government?

PAUL JANENSCH in todays Guest Editorial wrote:

Of course, Florida may be one of the most corrupt states in the union — making it a happy hunting ground for investigative reporters. A couple of years ago, the U.S. Department of Justice reported that Florida topped every other state in convictions of local, state and federal officials.

Other good newspaper states include California and North Carolina. Someday I’ll tell you about the bad newspaper states. There are a lot of them. Some have almost as much corruption as Florida.

I ask: is it because we have so many people who have retired, or escaped,  the northern states?  I used to hear about how, in small towns, you knew who people were, and so you knew who NOT do deal with.  The problem I see here in Florida is that it is rare to find someone who came from here, and, of course, the ones who came from up north, Yankees, only tell you what they want you to know.  Look at the masters of the Ponzi schemes that came down and cheated so many investors..  The Sarasota Police chief who thought it was OK to payoff a victim in order to spare the Department embarrassment.  Do these people come here to hide from their past?  Like most of the people in Florida I am from somewhere else. I was born in Raleigh, NC in 1955 and our family came here in 1956, so I am not really a native of Florida.  On the other hand I have lived here for as long as I can remember, and resent what I see as efforts to turn Florida into a displace Northern State, which means:  I don’t care what you had up north, if you don’t like out state you are free to return up there.

I will apologize for using the work Yankee, if it offends anyone, and will only say that I am like the comedian who said “I was in my 20s before I found out that “Damn Yankee” was two words.

P.S. could someone show the guys from “Celebrity Apprentice” how to use a spell checker?


`I look at the daily news and I see indications  that people are no longer taking responsibility for their actions.  I just seem that people are more likely to say “it wasn’t my fault”, even when they have done it.  Just an example.  Several years ago, when I was working at Walmart, I was standing in, at the front door, for one of the door greeters.  While I was standing there, dealing with customers, I heard a commotion behind me, and the call, over the PA system, of a “Code White“, which means accident.  When I looked back I saw a crowd of people gathered around an older woman who was draped over one of the floats that are often used for carryouts.  The float was in the aisle between the first register, not being used, and the lines of shopping carts.  It seems that, for some reason, she had decided to go down that aisle and had to cross the float.  When she stepped on it, it being on wheels, the float moved, and she was injured when she landing on it.  She sued Walmat because she was could not understand that the float was not a secure step.

There was another woman, I even read about this one, who sued a Walmat store because they failed to control some children whose actions caused her to fall and be injured.  She did this despite the fact that they were her children.  She expected the store to have better control of those kids than their mother?

Florida passes a traffic law called something like “Road Rage Prevention Act”.  The idea is that if you are driving along a road with two, or more, lanes going in the same direction and are going the legal speed limit you are required the move right, unless it is not possible, if a speeder comes up behind you.  If this speeder, impatient to get to his next crash, causes an accident it is possible that it is YOUR fault.  If an officer, or deputy, sees your disregard for the traffic flow he can cite you for hindering the flow of traffic.

Why not cite the speeder for following to closely?  NO.. that would be saying that he was responsible for his actions, and we can’t have that.  There must be a way to blame someone else.

More and more these days you can see people who run lights, or just not stop at STOP signs.  I am not talking about the people show misjudge the length of the yellow light and go through just as it turns red, or even those people who pull out into the intersection, to make a left turn, and got caught out there when the light changes.  Both of these are technically illegal.  What I am talking about are the people you see when you are at the light, your light goes green, and then the other car enters that intersection.  For those people who do not realize this, there is a space of time after his light went red that all the lights were red, which means it was red before he even got close to the intersection.  I have been at lights that just turned green, waited, and still almost go hit.

Florida passed a law last year that would allow local governments to place stop light cameras at intersections.  It has had mixed reactions, and new it seem that the law might be axed.  The reason given for this is that the cameras violate privacy of the drivers who run lights.  If they want to worry about their privacy they she save it for the bedroom, though, on second thought, it would be hard to run a light in your bedroom.

What we need is to get people to understand that THEY are responsible for their actions, not everyone else.

Let’s Get to Work..?

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The results, of the election, are in and the new people are starting to “Get to Work”.

4 out of 10 Floridians made the choice to vote, and the results are going to start being felt.. soon.

When someone complains, in the coming months, you should ask them if they voted and then, if they had not voted you should explain to them that since they did not voice their opinion when it was important they do NOT have anything to say NOW. I sometimes hear people complain that the reasons they did not vote were that: one person was going to win anyway, it was not worth my time, or it was too inconvenient.

Looking at some of the recent elections, such as the 2008 votes I would have said that only real left wingers would have voted for Obama, and I would have been wrong. In this last election, here in Florida, I would have said that the obvious choice would have been Alex Sink for Governor, or Meek or Crist for Senator, I was wrong all the way down.

In the past couple of years some of Florida’s counties, and cities, have passed amendments that would make it harder for their local government to authorize increased density in zoning plans. Growth management is an important issue here, as developers want to make their money from building more and more homes, and the people want to have to have odd things like, roads that are not congested, homes that are not crammed onto little lots, or enough schools for the students. Impact fees were set up so that new homes would help to pay for these things. Rick Scott is promising, by appointing developers to office, to curtail growth management, and open Florida to urban sprawl.

Rick Scott plans to roll back all of the advances we have made here, and let the developers have free reign to cram houses everywhere, endanger our drinking supplies, the environment, and our beaches.

Make sure you let him know that you want to keep Florida Beautiful, uncluttered, and unpolluted.

Let us make sure that he understands that the infrastructure, such as roads, schools, water, electric, etc., should be in place before the homes are built.

I have seen the bay front, in Sarasota, change to look more like Miami Beach – Tacky.