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Defective Detective…..

Manatee County Sheriff’s office reported the theft of a Glock firearm, ammon, estimated at 25 to 75 rounds, handcuffs, and other stuff.  The interesting thing is that there was no signs of forced entry to his black 2012 Toyota Tundra that we parked at his residence…

My question is : why did he leave these item in his truck, and did he lock it?

While there does not seem to be  a whole lot of this type thing going on there was, for example, a Manatee Deputy who got weapons, described as an M-16, vest, ammo and other stuff stolen from his patrol vehicle, which was parked at his home in Sarasota.

So.  What are they thinking?


That Joe Guy.

Public Safety

SuperCops : Alive and Well in Sarasota, Fl. ?

In articles published by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, about Law Enforcement officers and Drug stops, I have come to the conclusion that we MUST have at least one Law Enforcement Officer with super powers… Deputy Dominic Fornal is one of them…  in 2011 he was given a commendation for his 100th DUI arrest.

Recently his superpowers were on display when, on a Friday night in May, he got behind a 2003 Jaguar that had just pulled out of a bar parking lot.  Even though he was behind the car going 30 – 35 MPH the SuperCop was able to smell the tiniest trace of marijuana in the trunk.  This is amazing.  After what the Sarasota Herald-Tribune relates as a 2 hour search of Joseph McNeals Jag. the brave Deputy was able to find a small piece of used roach.  Even though 3 other Deputies, a Venice police officers, and 2 K-9 units were not able to find anything, after ripping off the headliner and pulling up the dashboard and center console the SuperCop Deputy Fornal was able to detect that small roach in the trunk, after the others had already searched and found nothing …  and not only that but he had been able to smell what the K-9 units could not.. the smell of the that little roach, emanating from the trunk, while he was in his closed patrol car at 30-35 MPH… That is just AMAZING.  So what if the DUI charge against Mr. McNeal had to be dropped because the breath test showed his alcohol count was only .049, or less that the .08 required to be drunk, it is obvious to this writer that Deputy Fornal is just more sensitive to these things than a mere machine.

So what if Deputy Fornal has been removed from the DUI unit because others could not see, from his dashboard videos, what he could see.  So what if, once he has been removed from the DUI unit he won’t have a dash mounted video recorder as evidence.  It is already apparent that they don’t see the same things that his Superpowers can see.

So what if a number of his DUI cases have been thrown out due to the fact that the DashCam doesn’t show what he records in his paperwork, it is obvious that they are just jealous of his ability.

And, if you believe that, I am sure that the Brooklyn bridge, the British Crown Jewels, and many acres of ocean front property in Nevada are for sale…  and yes, we do need some more SuperCops.

Then again maybe we should just stick with the ones we have who can prove their cases..the old fashioned way.





Public Safety What are they thinking?

Our right to Endanger other people

While most people may not be able to quote the precise   wording of the Bill of Rights, they will still be able to tell you what rights they have..

Some of these rights have been limited, for reasons of safety, such as the Supreme Court having ruled that you may NOT yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater if there is NO FIRE.  You may have the right, with permit, to carry a concealed weapon, though most states will prohibit the carrying of weapons in certain locations…  and example is if I have a Concealed Weapons Permit that does not mean that I can carry it through the Airport.

Some people seem to think that their rights are more valuable than yours.  An example of this would be the guy who complained to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune that, while he was sitting on his Harley and listening to his music, he was given a ticket for a noise violation.  I can almost sympathize with the man…    Imagine how loud your music would have to be, if you were sitting on a Harley, for you to hear it over the engine noise.  So what if those people in their cars can not hear their radios over the sound of your radio, you have YOUR rights!

Some years ago, when I was still working Security I had a young co-worker tell me about an experience he had.  He was driving his Camero on US-41 when he happened to notice a white colored vehicle behind him with rotating red and blue lights.  Once he noticed the lights he started to pay attention, and heard the faint sound of a siren.   It wasn’t even a patrol vehicle, it was one of those support, or supervisor units.   Once the kid was pulled over   the Deputy explained that the sound from his speakers was drowning out the sound of the officers radio INSIDE his vehicle.  The Deputy had planned to just pull him over and give him a warning.  But once it became clear that the kid could not hear the siren blast the Deputy turned on the whole shebang and then had to follow the kid for at least a mile with lights and siren before the kid noticed him there…  He got a ticket.    There are plenty of times when, as your are driving, you must be able to hear what is going on around you in traffic.  Times when sounds from outside your vehicle could warn you of danger, such as a siren of an emergency vehicle trying to pass through an intersection.   Who wants their first warning sign to be when they look up to see that big red truck getting ready to T-bone their car?

There are too many danger in life as it is.  Lets look at people who text on the phones while driving.  Think about how quickly traffic conditions can change, and then think about looking at your phone as you punch in you text message.  Consider how much of you concentration is focused on that text message rather then where you are going, and you can understand why pedestrians have walked out in front of traffic and become roadkill.  One of the laws that Nancy Detert, of Florida, has been trying to get passed for several years is a ban on textting while behind the wheel.  In the 1970s, when the Sarasota Country Sheriffs Department was getting the computer units installed the their patrol units, the state had to exempt Law Enforcement vehicles from a law that said a video monitor, or TV, would not be positioned in a vehicle so that it could be seen by the driver.  This was so that the driver would not divert his attention away from what he was doing, which was driving.

Most people will willingly refrain from activities that lessen their concentration, but others will insist their rights are more important and so will continue with this unsafe conduct.  These are the people for which we write laws.  Some people can use common sense, and others must follow laws.

So we need to be behind Nancy Detert and Senate Bill 416 to let out legislator know that if they can not do the right thing, then they should go home for good.

Thank you,

That Joe Guy.


Politics U.S. Politics

What do Politician have in common with a Vampire, or Roach.

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Or maybe the better question would be : What do Roaches and Vampire have in common the Politicians…I don’t know about you but, the first thing that come to my mind is Light.  You go into a room, and turn on the light.  What happens to the Politicians, uh, I mean the Roaches?  They head for the darkness.  With Vampires, of course it has to be Sunlight, or maybe its Ultra Violet light, but they will do the same, and scurry back to their holes.

What if we could do the same with Politicians?  In Florida we have the Sunshine Law, which we expect to make the working of government transparent….  though, as with many things they do, there are loopholes in the law..  For example:  The Herald-Tribune reports that a representative from Sylint, a forensic computer company, is giving city commissioners  one-on-one briefings about a report dealing with the search of two computers belonging to the top two administrators in Sarasota.  A possible breach of the Sunshine Law that requires government business be conducted in the open.  It is normally held that a meeting of more then two persons that deals with government business, would require a public hearing, so they do it with one at a time in an effort to keep this information from going public.

On a national scale we often find that groups who fund attack ads are increasingly hiding behind PACs, in and effort to hide who is doing the slandering.  While there are a number of sites that will examine claims made by these attack ads, and grade the accuracy of these claim, it appears that people are more likely to accept the claim that follow their view point, rather than take the time to determine if they are in fact true.

As voters we need to take the time to determine the truth for ourselves and not just depend on the views of unknown organizations.  My favorite example of this is : During the late 1980s there was a movement in Sarasota County to implement a 2 year building moratorium, during which a groups called the Argus Foundation came out against the moratorium, all the while saying they were a objective panel of experts.  This group did not point out that it was made up of the very people who had the most to gain from the failure of the moratorium, the real estate, chambers of commerce, banker, and builders.  The moratorium failed, and as far as I can tell this was due to people accepting the opinion of the Argus Foundation, rather than what common sense would tell them was going on.

Lets not just accept what people say, like this article  but, look at everything and determine, for ourselves, if they are in OUR interest.

The kind of government we vote into office is the kind we deserve, and it is our responsibility to vote for the right people.

Thank you for reading this,

That Joe Guy.

Sarasota County

What do they do?

I have, to a degree, been following the scandal associated with the Procurement policies of the Sarasota Country Government…

The scandal seems to have broken out with the arrest of a county employee, by the name of Rodney Jones, for taking kickbacks from the Chaz Equipment Co.  It seems that Mr. Jones used a process called Piggybacking so that the Chaz Equipment Co., who had a contract with Del Ray Beach, would not have to go through a bid process and thus they save a good chunk of money.

It soon came out that there were a number of times when employees used the County Credit cards so that the bid process could be avoided.

Contractors, who lost out in the bidding process, complained to the Country commissioners, who pass the complaints to Jim Ley, the country administrator, who started a policy of charging $2,000 for the Contractors to file complaints.  Then the complains were not investigated.

When Karen Rushing, as Clerk of Court, sent the commission the results of audit, or suggestions on how to fix problems, they were shuffled off to Jim Ley, who would blow them off.

We have a new County administrator now but, the question I ask is this: What do they do?