SuperCops : Alive and Well in Sarasota, Fl. ?

In articles published by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, about Law Enforcement officers and Drug stops, I have come to the conclusion that we MUST have at least one Law Enforcement Officer with super powers… Deputy Dominic Fornal is one of them…  in 2011 he was given a commendation for his 100th DUI arrest.

Recently his superpowers were on display when, on a Friday night in May, he got behind a 2003 Jaguar that had just pulled out of a bar parking lot.  Even though he was behind the car going 30 – 35 MPH the SuperCop was able to smell the tiniest trace of marijuana in the trunk.  This is amazing.  After what the Sarasota Herald-Tribune relates as a 2 hour search of Joseph McNeals Jag. the brave Deputy was able to find a small piece of used roach.  Even though 3 other Deputies, a Venice police officers, and 2 K-9 units were not able to find anything, after ripping off the headliner and pulling up the dashboard and center console the SuperCop Deputy Fornal was able to detect that small roach in the trunk, after the others had already searched and found nothing …  and not only that but he had been able to smell what the K-9 units could not.. the smell of the that little roach, emanating from the trunk, while he was in his closed patrol car at 30-35 MPH… That is just AMAZING.  So what if the DUI charge against Mr. McNeal had to be dropped because the breath test showed his alcohol count was only .049, or less that the .08 required to be drunk, it is obvious to this writer that Deputy Fornal is just more sensitive to these things than a mere machine.

So what if Deputy Fornal has been removed from the DUI unit because others could not see, from his dashboard videos, what he could see.  So what if, once he has been removed from the DUI unit he won’t have a dash mounted video recorder as evidence.  It is already apparent that they don’t see the same things that his Superpowers can see.

So what if a number of his DUI cases have been thrown out due to the fact that the DashCam doesn’t show what he records in his paperwork, it is obvious that they are just jealous of his ability.

And, if you believe that, I am sure that the Brooklyn bridge, the British Crown Jewels, and many acres of ocean front property in Nevada are for sale…  and yes, we do need some more SuperCops.

Then again maybe we should just stick with the ones we have who can prove their cases..the old fashioned way.






By Joseph Bowen

Ex SSgt in Air Force Security Police... I had 10 years of active duty and inactive reserve. I have a total of 20 years, includes Air Force SP, security experience. I also worked 8 years and 4 months in the Garden Center of the Sarasota Cattleman Walmart. I also took the CCNA class at Sarasota Vo-Tech, when it was still called that. I am now, since 2010 a caregiver for my Mother. While I am now a registered Republican I am more likely to vote for whichever person I believe will do a better job.. In the last presidential elections I voted Libertarian, as I the two main choices seemed to be between lying crook, or an uncouth babler who could not be trusted.

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  1. My late Father was on the NYPD for over 20 years. He once shot a guy in the foot for trying to run away — after he had fired (the then required) warning shot into the air! These were the days before the outbreak of “recreational” drugs; but heroin and hashish were rampant in New York. It’s just that people then could not afford a car if they had those habits! He did a lot of foot patrols early on, was involved in patroling the notorious Harlem Riots in the 1930’s, and finally got a radio car (a good deal back then). He and his poartner used to do things the old-fashioned way — mainly because that was the only way to do it! Your “nightstick” (billy club) was your best friend, and you relied on your buddy like you were in a war zone — which, in some areas of New York at that time, you were! Eventually he was sent to a quieter place on Long Island (Bayside) and remianed there until a patrol car accident forced him into a desk job. This was in the 1950’s.
    Not long afterwards he retired on a disability (back problems from the accident) and given a desk job in Manhattan, and then other jobs guarding abandoned Police and Fire Dept. buildings in the city. The point here is that in that era people trusted the Police — whether in radio cars or on foot patrol. Foot patrol wasn’t easy, but you knbew the shop[keepers and they relied on you to help them if necessary. There was a closer relationship with the public and a more responsible one I think. He passed on in the 1970’s, remarking that the best Police show on TV at that time was “Kojak” — with an earlier nod to “Police Squad”. Times have changed radically, and he would be agast at what is being done today. There was always crime, but not to the violent extent that we see today…. To try and describe the differences would take an essay! Let me just say that the sort of thing that this Supercop did in the original article would not be tolerated back then. You either had clear proof backed up with eyewitness testimony or you were not given the bust. The rules were the rules as my Father used to remark to me. I learned a great deal about fair play, right and wrong, humility, trust, respect and responsibility. They seemed to have stayhed with me all these years.
    And I would not hesitate to say that there are some folks on the Sarasota Police force who need an attitude adjustment. You do not endear yourself to people by making up a Hollywood story and ruinin g people’s lives just for your own sake. There’s a Golden Rule to follow, isn’t there?! Always used to be. Or doesn’t the Government allow us to have a conscien ce anymore? My Father would not be impressed by today’s society — I know I’m not.
    Hope this means something to someone…


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