Defective Detective…..

Manatee County Sheriff's office reported the theft of a Glock firearm, ammon, estimated at 25 to 75 rounds, handcuffs, and other stuff.  The interesting thing is that there was no signs of forced entry to his black 2012 Toyota Tundra that we parked at his residence... My question is : why did he leave these item in… Continue reading Defective Detective…..


SuperCops : Alive and Well in Sarasota, Fl. ?

In articles published by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, about Law Enforcement officers and Drug stops, I have come to the conclusion that we MUST have at least one Law Enforcement Officer with super powers... Deputy Dominic Fornal is one of them...  in 2011 he was given a commendation for his 100th DUI arrest. Recently his superpowers were on display when, on a… Continue reading SuperCops : Alive and Well in Sarasota, Fl. ?

What do Politician have in common with a Vampire, or Roach.

Or maybe the better question would be : What do Roaches and Vampire have in common the Politicians...I don't know about you but, the first thing that come to my mind is Light.  You go into a room, and turn on the light.  What happens to the Politicians, uh, I mean the Roaches?  They head… Continue reading What do Politician have in common with a Vampire, or Roach.

What do they do?

I have, to a degree, been following the scandal associated with the Procurement policies of the Sarasota Country Government... The scandal seems to have broken out with the arrest of a county employee, by the name of Rodney Jones, for taking kickbacks from the Chaz Equipment Co.  It seems that Mr. Jones used a process called Piggybacking… Continue reading What do they do?

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