SuperCops : Alive and Well in Sarasota, Fl. ?

In articles published by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, about Law Enforcement officers and Drug stops, I have come to the conclusion that we MUST have at least one Law Enforcement Officer with super powers… Deputy Dominic Fornal is one of them…  in 2011 he was given a commendation for his 100th DUI arrest.

Recently his superpowers were on display when, on a Friday night in May, he got behind a 2003 Jaguar that had just pulled out of a bar parking lot.  Even though he was behind the car going 30 – 35 MPH the SuperCop was able to smell the tiniest trace of marijuana in the trunk.  This is amazing.  After what the Sarasota Herald-Tribune relates as a 2 hour search of Joseph McNeals Jag. the brave Deputy was able to find a small piece of used roach.  Even though 3 other Deputies, a Venice police officers, and 2 K-9 units were not able to find anything, after ripping off the headliner and pulling up the dashboard and center console the SuperCop Deputy Fornal was able to detect that small roach in the trunk, after the others had already searched and found nothing …  and not only that but he had been able to smell what the K-9 units could not.. the smell of the that little roach, emanating from the trunk, while he was in his closed patrol car at 30-35 MPH… That is just AMAZING.  So what if the DUI charge against Mr. McNeal had to be dropped because the breath test showed his alcohol count was only .049, or less that the .08 required to be drunk, it is obvious to this writer that Deputy Fornal is just more sensitive to these things than a mere machine.

So what if Deputy Fornal has been removed from the DUI unit because others could not see, from his dashboard videos, what he could see.  So what if, once he has been removed from the DUI unit he won’t have a dash mounted video recorder as evidence.  It is already apparent that they don’t see the same things that his Superpowers can see.

So what if a number of his DUI cases have been thrown out due to the fact that the DashCam doesn’t show what he records in his paperwork, it is obvious that they are just jealous of his ability.

And, if you believe that, I am sure that the Brooklyn bridge, the British Crown Jewels, and many acres of ocean front property in Nevada are for sale…  and yes, we do need some more SuperCops.

Then again maybe we should just stick with the ones we have who can prove their cases..the old fashioned way.





Lets hear if for Sheriff Joe from Arizona.

I don’t know the circumstances about this photo but, some photos speak for themselves and this is one of them.

The poster says “You Owe Us America” and they seem to indicate they will kill law enforcement officers until we give them what they want. So, my question is this : If I were to break into your house, how much would you OWE ME.  You wouldn’t just kick me out of the house, you’d call those law enforcement officers and they would put me in jail.