A new TV Show for Donald.. Let’s Play Concentration..

At some point the contestant will be given a chance of guess at the meaning of either a picture, or symbols that make up a message.. In this case the final solution is: Maybe Donald Trump is trying to send a different message when he says we should put people in camps.  We put criminals… Continue reading A new TV Show for Donald.. Let’s Play Concentration..


Party Platform? Is that anyway to vote?

I remember the old voting booths where there were a series of lever that you flipped over to denote who you wanted to vote for..  I also remember that there was, in the general election, a lever that you could use to vote for a strict party vote.. A candidates party affiliation is good for getting an… Continue reading Party Platform? Is that anyway to vote?

Just an observation…

I see that there is a new flap over who President Obama had picked for the presidential inauguration... It seems that his first choice, the Rev. Louie Giglio, has withdraw, very soon after he was picked..  Why you might ask?  Well it seems that, for some odd reason that may have something to do with the… Continue reading Just an observation…

Is there Truth in Politics?

  In all fairness I will  have to admit, again, that I am a registered Republican but, I would also have to say that I am not real happy with either party. In an earlier post I quoted a man who said that Florida was one of the most corrupt states in the Union.  He… Continue reading Is there Truth in Politics?

So What?

Originally I was planning to make a post about Connie Mack IV, and the Democratic ads about his possible history of bar fights and road rage...  These incidents were to have taken place something like 20 years ago, and people do change so, maybe there is nothing to worry about.  Not that I was planning… Continue reading So What?

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