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So What?

Originally I was planning to make a post about Connie Mack IV, and the Democratic ads about his possible history of bar fights and road rage…  These incidents were to have taken place something like 20 years ago, and people do change so, maybe there is nothing to worry about.  Not that I was planning to lose any sleep over it.

I just bring it up so we can look at this supposed history, there are two sides to every conflict, to diced if this is the kind of person we want to give power to…  any power.


No, today I just wanted to put in a short word about the Republican National Conference’s reaction, which was to put out a counter ad that pointed out that Bill Nelson’s son had an arrest record…  So what?

My question is : if we are expected to be so sensitive about Bill Nelson’s son’s history then , why would the ever expect us to vote for Connie Mack IV who has a history himself?

Are they trying to convince us that the son’s actions reflect how Bill Nelson raised him, or that, maybe, the son’s actions will effect the father?

I just don’t happen to see the relevance.

Thank you,

That Joe Guy.

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, of Florida.
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, of Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)