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Party Platform? Is that anyway to vote?

Official photo of Florida Governor Charlie Crist
Official photo of Florida Governor Charlie Crist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember the old voting booths where there were a series of lever that you flipped over to denote who you wanted to vote for..  I also remember that there was, in the general election, a lever that you could use to vote for a strict party vote..

A candidates party affiliation is good for getting an idea of what the candidates views are.  If you agree with that candidate you should vote for them.  I just happen to believe that when you vote, your vote should be for the person you believe will be the best fit for that job.

So, what am I trying to say here?  Let me put it to you this way.

For the last several years it seem that the American budget talks are getting held hostage by party interest.  At one point they formed a 12 person committee that met with the President to decide what to do…  The committee came up with a number of suggestion and put a bill together that, with the agreement of President Obama, sailed through the House and died in the Senate when Harry Reid refused to bring it up for a vote…  He said the Republicans were to blame for him not even bringing it up for consideration, even though a Democrat President Obama had helped in its formation.

There are times like this when you can see that our politicians, who are supposed to Represent our interest, care less about the people than they do their party..

A couple of years ago, during the Florida Governor debates, Bill McCollum pretty much called Rick Scott a crook.  Then, once Scott had won the primary McCollum, cam out and endorsed him….  Did McCollum not believe Scott was a crook, or was he more interested in putting PARTY FIRST.

When the politicians are more interested in their parties agenda we have to remember that WE, the American People, are the ones that get screwed…..  If these people were more interested in doing what was right for the country, and not just their party, we would have a budget done EVERY year.

What WE need to do is get leaders into office and NOT PARTY FLUNKIES.

We are a Democracy because we elect our own crooks.  We are a Republic because we elect people who are supposed to represent OUR interest…  What we have been doing for a number of years seem to be putting the Party Flunkies into power.

We had a governor who was not afraid to side with the Democrats when he thought they were right.  The Republicans said he was not Republican enough, as he did not vote along strict party lines, and so he became an independent, and then a Democrat.  By some accounts Charlie Crist was an even more popular Governor than Jeb Bush.  As a Presently Registered Republican I would vote for Charlie Crist if he runs again.

What we need to do is find and nurture the kind of people who are willing to put the interest of the American people over the interest of their Party, and get rid of the PARTY FLUNKIES who have not been doing a good job of representing US.

Politics What are they thinking?

Will they ever fix the tax system?

Fat chance there..

Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Lets face it… the two groups get too much mileage out of the set up we have now…

The Democrats try to win favor with the middle, and lower class, by saying that the wealthy should pay more in taxes.  They use the term “fair share” but just what is that?

The Republicans accuse the Democrats of trying to punish success by raising the taxes on the people who make the money,  They accuse the Democrats of taking from the people who earn the money so they can win favor with the people who don’t.

Recently the Democrats have criticized Romney for taking advantage of the tax code to pay less taxes.  It is in the tax code, which is comprised of laws passed by both parties so, if the Democrats really wanted the rich to pay more in taxes, or as they say “their fair share”, the solution would be to do away with the deductions that only effect the wealthy.  Maybe even start the who system over.  Do a system “reset” and simplify the whole mess.

Part of the problem with this is that the system in place befits both parties and I doubt if Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid, will ever tell their accountants “pay as much tax as we can”.

The system, as it stands, allows them to raise the class warfare issue without them having to fix what is wrong and, as long as no one seems to notice that no change the the tax rates will really matter because people can bring down their NET INCOME with the use of the various deductions, there will be no change.

We need to make them understand that we know how this works, and we need to make them understand that if they really want a change in the status quo then they have to get serious about making changes and quit PLAYING US.


Government by Corporations?

Who is Responsible?

That question begs another.  For what?

My answer is: For ANYTHING.

Take BP and the Deepwater horizon debacle…  Is it BP’s fault because they put it all together?  Is it the fault of Transocean because they owned the Deepwater Horizon and rented it to BP?  How about Halliburton, who poured the concrete that failed?  How about the regulators who seemed to be more agents of BP rather than regulators?

The last reports I saw says they all were!

We have three branches of government, in the federal and state levels, that are supposed to check each other.  The Executive runs things, the Legislative makes the rules for him to use, and the Judicial is pretty much a referee.  Two of them can cancel out the actions of the third, if they all work as they should.  For the budget battle to have been won it, would take budget bill to be passed by both houses, and then signed by the President..  So, if one house passes a bill, and the president OKs the concept, then why does it not get past Harry Reid in the Senate.  So either President Obama is NOT the head of the party, or Reid just wanted to embarrass the President, or they are working together to embarrass the Republicans…    So….  are we responsible because we elected these morons?

What about big business?  We have had house flipping, that contributed to the burst bubble of the housing boom, boards of directors who seem to vote each other obscene salaries, and then have to give large payments to CEOs that they should just fire for incompetence.  A worker who does not perform gets shown the door.  A CEO who does not perform get bonuses, and then a golden parachute out the door.  If the company fails what do the CEOs and Directors lose?  The biggest question would be: who are the real losers?  There you would have to say the employees and customers.  So when a company fails, is the government responsible for letting them fail?

If I have a company that is not making money can I go the the Feds and say “bail me out”?  NO..  I would NOT be too big to fail…  So,to be succesful you have to fail in a VERY BIG way.

There sees to be a lack of people with the integrity to stand up and say “I failed”.  What we wind up with these days is a large group of people who point at each other and say, “he did it, not me”.

I have an idea…  The Japanese used to have, and still might, a rather rigid idea of Honor, and the guy who failed often ended the problem with the use of a sword….

Maybe we could adapt that code of Honor, and the next CEO who drives his bank, cooperation, or whatever, down the toilet would get a choice: use the sword, to do the honorable thing, or we take away everything you have as well as what you have given to your family.

This would, again, ask the question: Who is responsible?

The answer seems to be : the poor.