Party Platform? Is that anyway to vote?

I remember the old voting booths where there were a series of lever that you flipped over to denote who you wanted to vote for..  I also remember that there was, in the general election, a lever that you could use to vote for a strict party vote.. A candidates party affiliation is good for getting an… Continue reading Party Platform? Is that anyway to vote?


Will they ever fix the tax system?

Fat chance there.. Lets face it... the two groups get too much mileage out of the set up we have now... The Democrats try to win favor with the middle, and lower class, by saying that the wealthy should pay more in taxes.  They use the term "fair share" but just what is that? The… Continue reading Will they ever fix the tax system?

Who is Responsible?

That question begs another.  For what? My answer is: For ANYTHING. Take BP and the Deepwater horizon debacle...  Is it BP's fault because they put it all together?  Is it the fault of Transocean because they owned the Deepwater Horizon and rented it to BP?  How about Halliburton, who poured the concrete that failed?  How about the regulators who seemed… Continue reading Who is Responsible?

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