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Will they ever fix the tax system?

Fat chance there..

Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Lets face it… the two groups get too much mileage out of the set up we have now…

The Democrats try to win favor with the middle, and lower class, by saying that the wealthy should pay more in taxes.  They use the term “fair share” but just what is that?

The Republicans accuse the Democrats of trying to punish success by raising the taxes on the people who make the money,  They accuse the Democrats of taking from the people who earn the money so they can win favor with the people who don’t.

Recently the Democrats have criticized Romney for taking advantage of the tax code to pay less taxes.  It is in the tax code, which is comprised of laws passed by both parties so, if the Democrats really wanted the rich to pay more in taxes, or as they say “their fair share”, the solution would be to do away with the deductions that only effect the wealthy.  Maybe even start the who system over.  Do a system “reset” and simplify the whole mess.

Part of the problem with this is that the system in place befits both parties and I doubt if Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid, will ever tell their accountants “pay as much tax as we can”.

The system, as it stands, allows them to raise the class warfare issue without them having to fix what is wrong and, as long as no one seems to notice that no change the the tax rates will really matter because people can bring down their NET INCOME with the use of the various deductions, there will be no change.

We need to make them understand that we know how this works, and we need to make them understand that if they really want a change in the status quo then they have to get serious about making changes and quit PLAYING US.


Politics U.S. Politics What are they thinking?

Obama Care? I think not.

U.S. Supreme Court building.

I am not a legal scholar, nor am I about to become one, so maybe I can be excused for not really understanding the newest Supreme Court decision.

It seems like on the Justices just said that the Government can not mandate your joining the health care system but they can extract a penalty from you, they call it a “TAX”, for not joining….

This is interesting..  Now I am going to go off on an idea..  Part of the idea of why the Feds wanted to force everyone into the health care industry the premise that if someone, with out health care insurance, or poor, got sick then the people with healthcare insurance would have to pay for them….  therefore they were really in the healthcare system whether or not they had the insurance, and the are now just being punished for not joining in the first place…

Now, how about this idea..  You don’t have a car, so you don’t get auto insurance.  If you are injured someones insurance will have to pay for your injuries, so maybe the next step would be to penalize you, er tax you, for not having auto insurance?

President Obama said this was not a tax but, the Supreme Court said that was the only way they could justify the law was through the use of a tax.  It must be nice to have a job for life, where you get to make it up as you go along, all the while knowing that you can’t be fire just because you are a bozo….

Thank you very much Justice Roberts.  What is next?  A tax on not joining a health club?


Is this the best Meter Reader job in the World?

In Sarasota, Fl., for several months there has been an ongoing argument about parking meters, and whether they will hurt downtown business.  It is an effort to make extra money for the coffers of the city.  Here is another idea..

I recently noticed a video clip story on which told how the city of Bonn, Germany had placed meters on the streets of the city, or a least certain parts.  Now these are not parking meters, and they are not aimed at people who park in these areas.  These meters give out a receipt for all night at 6 Euros a night, and are aimed at the street-walker who ply their trade in Bonn.

It seems that, prostitution being legal there, they decided to make a little money off the street-walker, and to do  that they placed meters on the streets to charge the ladies 6 Euros a night to ply their trade.

Having been to Korea, in the 1970s, and Germany, in the early 1980s, I understand that other countries view prostitution a little differently than we do here in the U.S. where prostitutes are often viewed as victims of the sex trade.

In some countries prostitution is seen as an industry and is governed as such.  Here, in the U.S. it is still seen as a crime where the prostitute is the victim.  I don’t really know about that, and will not make a judgement on it, but I will say that since the people of Sarasota seem to place so much importance on money, by this I refer to the way they treat homeless people, or the introduction of Stoplight Cameras, I wonder if this might be something they might consider.