Will they ever fix the tax system?

Fat chance there.. Lets face it... the two groups get too much mileage out of the set up we have now... The Democrats try to win favor with the middle, and lower class, by saying that the wealthy should pay more in taxes.  They use the term "fair share" but just what is that? The… Continue reading Will they ever fix the tax system?


Obama Care? I think not.

I am not a legal scholar, nor am I about to become one, so maybe I can be excused for not really understanding the newest Supreme Court decision. It seems like on the Justices just said that the Government can not mandate your joining the health care system but they can extract a penalty from you, they call it… Continue reading Obama Care? I think not.

Is this the best Meter Reader job in the World?

In Sarasota, Fl., for several months there has been an ongoing argument about parking meters, and whether they will hurt downtown business.  It is an effort to make extra money for the coffers of the city.  Here is another idea.. I recently noticed a video clip story on MSN.com which told how the city of Bonn,… Continue reading Is this the best Meter Reader job in the World?

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