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A new TV Show for Donald.. Let’s Play Concentration..

At some point the contestant will be given a chance of guess at the meaning of either a picture, or symbols that make up a message..

In this case the final solution is:

Work will set you free.
Work will set you free.

Maybe Donald Trump is trying to send a different message when he says we should put people in camps.  We put criminals in prisons.  We put people who illegally cross our borders, if the administration obeys the law, in detention until we can deport them.  This is all assuming that President Obama is not making up laws as he goes along.

After Pearl Harbor, when people realized how many Japanese there were in this country, we rounded up what would seem to be most of those on the Pacific coast and put them in camps for the duration.  Now just think how they thought about it.  Many of them had served in the U. S. military in WWI.  A number of them had American families, owned property, which a lot of them lost through confiscation, but for most of them their only crime was having been born to Japanese parents.

Going back in history from there, and over to Europe, we find the Germans setting up camps for those people they did not want to muddy up the Uber Race.  At first it might have just been the Jews but, the Jews weren’t the only ones.  There were, besides the Jews, communist, gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, social democrats, habitual offenders, and other people who were considered lesser beings.

I am not saying that Donald Trump wants to exterminate anyone but, I will point out that while Hitler had an antisemitic point of view this view did not materialize into the “Final Solution” until about 1941, at about the time they attacked their former allies the Russians.

I will say this : the old adage about those who forget history being doomed to repeat it has some bearing.

The Untied States has never been a perfect nation.  It has done some things that were terrible..  Just ask Native Americans about the “Trail of Tears” along which the United States government forced several tribes of Native Americans, including the Cherokees, Seminoles, Chickasaws, Choctaws, and Creeks, to migrate to reservations west of the Mississippi River in the 1820s, 1830s, and 1840s. (Part of the above is a direct quote from

Think of Col. Custer from Little Big Horn who was killed, along with the 7th Cavalry when they began and attack on what they believe was small Indian village..  How the battle of Little Big Horn was won.  This is the story told from the perspective of the Native Americans who fought it.

Yes, this country, as it grew, did terrible things to the Native American but, we have grown since then.  While it is history we have learned the lessons and should not repeat them.

As a nation we like to believe that we stand with the oppressed.  We have defended Europe for years against the expansion of the soviets.  We have moved against terror, and we are in a war with terrorist..

We have principles that should not be considered as matters of convenience.

Our laws must be held firm, and not ignored.  The way we deal with people who violate us, or our laws, shows what kind of people we are.  When President Bush decided that the War on Terror meant they could implement torture his rational was that United States law did not apply out of the country.  I submit that the Uniform Code of Military Justice, a law passed by congress and signed by a president, which is a code of conduct for all Armed Forces, applies to our troops worldwide.

We might be at war with terrorist but, that does not mean we have to be terrorist ourselves, so Mr. Donald Trump..  The road to the gate pictured above has been traveled before, and we DO NOT want to go there.  Let us treat others by the way they act, and not because of who they are.

Radicals of any stripe can say stupid things.  That includes people like the Westboro Baptist Church, the Ku Klux Klan, and any other lunatic fringe group that preaches hate… and YOU, Donald Trump.  This is not the kind of conduct we want the leader of our nation to espouse.

In closing I would have to say “Here Mr. Trump is you sign”.



That Joe Guy.





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‘Pastafarian’ allowed to wear spaghetti strainer in driver’s license photo

The Registry of Motor Vehicles allowed a Massachusetts woman to wear a spaghetti strainer on her head in her driver’s license picture as an expression of her “Pastafarian” religion.

Source: ‘Pastafarian’ allowed to wear spaghetti strainer in driver’s license photo


Normally I would think this woman was trying to keep space, versus illegal, aliens from being able to read her brainwaves.  When I saw that this was a religious issue I thought, and least she isn’t wearing one of those Islamic Bhurkas (?) that just show the eyes.

I would think that this qualifies as good news..  and so I applaud the news organization that simply reported this, and did not ridicule either her, or the Massachusetts DMV.    While there is always room to make fun of someone in a story such as this, it is nice to see that they can actually publish a story where they don’t feel like they have to make inane editorial remarks, and leave that kind of thing to bloggers, like me, who don’t have to possess any journalistic integrity.

While the woman in question said it was because of her Pastafarian religion I still wonder if, maybe, it wasn’t the space aliens who suggested it to her..  Maybe her thought waves were interfering with their navigational system.  You know, like when the airlines tell you that your cell phone could cause the place to crash, and then point out that you can use the on-board phone.   The one that probably connects you to the switchboard at CIA headquarters, where they  record everything you say.

I got this report, along with some other fun news, at


That Joe Guy.

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Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Anyone?

I love a good conspiracy, and I really love one that is based on a little fact…

Often times a GOOD conspiracy theory is based on a little fact, a lot of assumptions, and a whole lot of twisted facts..  That is what would make them fun.

Think how boring life would be if there had not been people who could put mystery into the killing of President Kennedy.  Lets thank they guy who, supposedly, found all of the coincidences between the killing of JFK and President Lincoln.

I am sure you know what I am talking about..  It like Lincoln was supposed to have had a secretary named Kennedy who told him not to go to the theater, and Kennedy was supposed to have had a secretary named Lincoln who told him not to go to Dallas.  I was even mentioned that Lincoln was killed in a theatre and his killer was killed in a barn, think warehouse, while Kennedy will show from a book depository, think warehouse, and the killer was caught in, or near, a movie theatre.  Of course NONE of this connects to John Dillinger getting killed as he was leaving a NY movie theatre but, I wonder if anyone has ever tried to make a connection there.

There have been a number of theories about the reason that Kennedy was killed and they range from the Mafia killing him, because his bother, the Attorney General Robert Kennedy, was trying to break up the mob, to the CIA killed someone they thought was secretly an agent of the U.S.S.R and there was even a book, though I can not remember the name at this time, that suggested that while Oswald fired a number of shots at Kennedy he was really killed when, as the motorcade came to a stop at the sound of the shots, a secret service agent, who was standing in the car to the rear, stumbled and accidentally discharged his weapon hitting President Kennedy in the head.

In recent year there have ben claims that President Bush II was behind the events of 9/11, and that it was so he could eventually invade Iraq to finish what his father failed to do.

An interesting article I just saw, in the last day or so, is The Conspiracy Theory of Ander Breivik.  There is a link below to the blog.  This killer was supposed to be a Knight of the Templar Knights, and there seems to be an attempt to connect them to the Freemasons, or Masons.  You know the guys.  When they are not busy plotting how to take over the world they ride around in little motor cars wearing red fezzies.

In the 1980s I attended a couple of Patriot meetings here in Sarasota Fla.  They had a lot to say about things like the Bilderberg, the Freemasons, the New World Order, and many other names that have become connected to plots of world domination.

Some of their theories had some fact in them, which is what made them semi-believable, and that is why you could listen to them and think they might be right.  At one the the last meetings I attended, the the Veterans Hall, there was a presentation about how they had proof that the U.N. was going to send troops in to take over the country, and that it would happen while President Clinton was in office.  The presentor  was explaining that the proof was there, and all you had to do was know what to look for.  He further said that you could see it locally, just go out to I-75, this was med 1980s, and look at the concrete power polls that ran by or across the interstate.  You would see various colored dots painted, or decals, placed on the polls so that the U.N. troops, who might not read English, could tell what route to follow.

I later mentioned this to a friend of mine who worked for Paragon cable, I think the name has been changed, and he laughed at me.  He knew what they were.  The cable guys had a chart, as did the power company, the phone company and the other utilitiey people, that showed the colors referred to things like Blue for water lines, and other colors to tell where gas and electric lines where.  It like if you wander around a residential area and see those little blue reflectors placed off center in the road.  They are so that Fire Department will know there is a water hydrant on that side of the road.  Any U.N. Troops trying to follow this method would soon become lost.

I quit going to those meetings as I was sure they were a wast of time, and filled with people who had too much time on their hands, though they were indeed interesting.

So.  Don’t believe everything you hear but remember the old saying “just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you”.