What Rights do we REALLY Need?

We have rights!  These right are laid out in the Bill of Rights as listed in the United States Constitution.  This means that while there might be some restrictions on these rights, such as no bang bang for felons, these rights can not be outlawed by one of the very groups that these laws protect us… Continue reading What Rights do we REALLY Need?


The Never Ending War.

We prohibit addictive drugs.  We have done this for years.  Why? When it was discovered that laudanum, for example, was a highly addictive, and destructive, drug, it was prohibited. At one time the United States saw alcohol pretty much the same way, and went so far as to prohibit it in a constitutional  amendment.  They eventually understood that… Continue reading The Never Ending War.

Conspiracy Anyone?

I love a good conspiracy, and I really love one that is based on a little fact... Often times a GOOD conspiracy theory is based on a little fact, a lot of assumptions, and a whole lot of twisted facts..  That is what would make them fun. Think how boring life would be if there had not… Continue reading Conspiracy Anyone?

osama bin laden is dead

As much as I appreciate the news of Osama bin laden's death I am troubled by some of the news clips showing young people rejoicing at his death.  You have probably seen the clips of young, college age, people waving and cheering on the Washington D.C. streets.  I am happy he is dead, and I hope it… Continue reading osama bin laden is dead

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