Perception : It is what you see.

  To give you an example..  This Blog, as the title says, is "My View of the World by Joe" and as such it is my view of things based on how I perceive them...  I will admit that I am not a journalist.  I do not go racing out to the news so that… Continue reading Perception : It is what you see.


What are Our Needs? is that the same as Our Rights?

      As we debate the issue of what the 2nd Amendment really means, and who it really applies to, we are also debating the rights associated with 9 other amendments that also form th Bill of Rights.   Here is a nice link to the Bill of Rights Institute, which not only give… Continue reading What are Our Needs? is that the same as Our Rights?

The Price of Freedom…

I am sure you have heard the old cliché about the "Price of Freedom" being "Eternal Vigilance".  You might have even wondered why people keep saying it.  After-all it is a cliché,  and probably has no meaning in our modern world...  If you do think this, then you are missing the point of a cliché.. … Continue reading The Price of Freedom…

What Rights do we REALLY Need?

We have rights!  These right are laid out in the Bill of Rights as listed in the United States Constitution.  This means that while there might be some restrictions on these rights, such as no bang bang for felons, these rights can not be outlawed by one of the very groups that these laws protect us… Continue reading What Rights do we REALLY Need?

Protest or Vandalism?

Is Chris Young, credited with being a member of the Occupy Sarasota group, a protester, or a Vandal.  He himself stated, in a televised interview, that he did not know they were going to be there so, does that make him a member of the group, or just a cause that they can take up… Continue reading Protest or Vandalism?

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