Toxic Growth?

In Southwest Florida the challenge seems to be in limiting the growth to what can be sustained by infrastructure.  More and more we hear about large developments being planned  but, where are the plans to expand the water supplies, the road networks, the school system or even jobs for the newcomers? We have to trust… Continue reading Toxic Growth?


Perception : It is what you see.

  To give you an example..  This Blog, as the title says, is "My View of the World by Joe" and as such it is my view of things based on how I perceive them...  I will admit that I am not a journalist.  I do not go racing out to the news so that… Continue reading Perception : It is what you see.

Dear Readers

For those of you who actually read my articles:  I thank you very much... I love hearing from people who give  me the idea that they have REALLY read my material. On the other hand, there are those who write generic praise which, most likely, is a result of cut and paste and could refer… Continue reading Dear Readers

Florida Presidential Primary : Who to Pick?

It is Primary day here, and here I sit trying to think of whom to cast my vote for. The first one I crossed off my list was Newt Gingrich...  I would have to say that my choice there was only partially religious...  He cheated on 2 out of 3 of his wives, and that is… Continue reading Florida Presidential Primary : Who to Pick?

Rick Scott : Keeping his head down?

I was watching one of those anti-Romney adds....  You know the one: they are talking about Mitt Romney and how, they say, the Damon Corp.  cheated medicare out of millions of dollars while he was in charge.  They show his face on the left side, and as they talk it slowly morphs into Skeletor, uh, no, that's not right. … Continue reading Rick Scott : Keeping his head down?

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