‘Pastafarian’ allowed to wear spaghetti strainer in driver’s license photo

The Registry of Motor Vehicles allowed a Massachusetts woman to wear a spaghetti strainer on her head in her driver’s license picture as an expression of her “Pastafarian” religion.

Source: ‘Pastafarian’ allowed to wear spaghetti strainer in driver’s license photo


Normally I would think this woman was trying to keep space, versus illegal, aliens from being able to read her brainwaves.  When I saw that this was a religious issue I thought, and least she isn’t wearing one of those Islamic Bhurkas (?) that just show the eyes.

I would think that this qualifies as good news..  and so I applaud the news organization that simply reported this, and did not ridicule either her, or the Massachusetts DMV.    While there is always room to make fun of someone in a story such as this, it is nice to see that they can actually publish a story where they don’t feel like they have to make inane editorial remarks, and leave that kind of thing to bloggers, like me, who don’t have to possess any journalistic integrity.

While the woman in question said it was because of her Pastafarian religion I still wonder if, maybe, it wasn’t the space aliens who suggested it to her..  Maybe her thought waves were interfering with their navigational system.  You know, like when the airlines tell you that your cell phone could cause the place to crash, and then point out that you can use the on-board phone.   The one that probably connects you to the switchboard at CIA headquarters, where they  record everything you say.

I got this report, along with some other fun news, at WTSP.com.


That Joe Guy.

Just a Quick thought..

I was going through the various spam messages on ThatJoeGuy.com and found an interesting one.

It was a message from jolieheavener@gmail.com who wrote….

It’s the best time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy.
I have read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you few interesting things or advice.
Perhaps you could write next articles referring to this article.

I wish to read more things about it!

I still have his comments listed as SPAM, and now wish to put it in the frame of a SCAM..

The URL that came with this comment goes back to  http://free-wifihack.com/.  Going to the URL I found this statement…

Unlock any available wireless network

We offer you the software able to unlock any wifi network encrypted through WPA/WPA2/WEP key. Without exaggeration, it is the greatest wifi hacker available.

It is interesting to note that at the according to whois.com the sight is either registered, or is located, in Panama.

The software is advertised as being FREE and able to HACK the encryption protocols of WiFi networks.  This sent up the first RED FLAG for me…  This is pretty much the same as if I sent out an offer to give free lock picks that would allow you to get into anyones home, or office, for free…  Either of this events would be illegal, and they seem to be advocating just that..

The next RED FLAG that I found was that they had a number of different ICONs on the page that implied the software was virus free, and they used to logos of a number of antivirus companies to imply that this software had been vetted by them..  It was just a picture and none of them took me to the indicated websites.

Net there are the seeming endorsements, none of which go anywhere.  This is a sure indication that they are fake, and just copy and past ICONS.


If any of this had been true they would have had links behind them that would take you to the site where they could be verified but, they don’t.
One of the customer statements said  Tested it myself and am more than pleased. And it all goes free. Sounds too good to be true, yet it is so.”   Yes, it is too good to be true..
Anybody using this software would be breaking laws in almost any jurisdiction I can think of…  if it did indeed work as stated..  My best guess would be that the minute anyone installed this software : their computer would itself be compromised..
So, the chance of this being a generous offer made by a company in Panama are pretty much NIL.
I am sure anyone who is able to find my blog, out of all the millions of blogs, is smart enough to not fall for this scam.  I just wanted to make sure.
That Joe Guy.


Is this a candidate for human nuetering?

According to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune an Osprey woman, Shelley Bezanson,

Which is the Vicious animal?
Which is the Vicious animal?
Mug shot of a Dog Murderer from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Mug shot of a Dog Murderer from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune

aged 28, has been charged with strangling her 7 year old pit bull, Diamond, to death with it’s leash.

I am not a fan of pit bulls, though this is not THEIR fault my feelings about them are really about the morons who think that it is a sign of their manhood to have a vicious dog..  like a pit bull…  It seem that the woman in question had been threatened with eviction if she did not get rid of Diamond, her pit bull.

She then went to her vet in order to have him put to sleep..  The Vet, obviously some kind of crazed animal lover, refused citing the fact that Diamond was healthy.  The Vet then refered her to a number of animal rescue groups that would give him a home.  She refused.  She would later turn up the music at home and strangle Diamond with the dog’s leash..  A necropsy revealed the dog likely suffered a prolonged and painful death.

While I have not seen anything about her having children I can only worry about the future of any children that she might ever have.

There are many people out there who would be delighted to have been able to give Diamond a home..  Many people who have pets will treat them like children and some will even spend large amounts of money for their medical care.  This woman took an animal that, if it was like almost any pet, loved her unconditionally, and murdered it in a heinous and cruel fashion just because she did not want anyone else to have him, or her.

Yes, to me, she is a perfect candidate for neutering/spaying or, at the least, she should be permanently barred from having either pets, or children..


That Joe Guy.

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Westboro Babtist Church? Even Crazy People have Rights!

After the bombing of the Boston Marathon I became aware of the Westboro Baptist

Even Crazy people have the right to FREE SPEECH.
Even Crazy people have the right to FREE SPEECH.

Church, in Topeka Kansas, which is not, as far as I have read, connected to any real church, Baptist or otherwise.

The church was started in, or around, 1955, and probably began spewing it’s hate and ignorance soon after.  The group seems to be under the spittle drenched command of a Fred Phelps who’s message of “GOD hates FAGS” shows a really poor Christian message and a certain amount of “poor white trash” intellect.  You can see them at their  website www.godhatesfags.com.  It is kind of like going to the ZOO and watching the animals sniff each others buts.  So who are they, and what is their message?

Who they are seems to be the family of this Fred Phelps and may only be about 50 people strange.  In that way they are insignificant.  Their message of hate is where they become important.  Yes they have a right to free speech, and yes their speech says a lot about them..  Lets look at some of it..  “GOD hates FAGS”.  On the face of it you might think that is just a statement of fact….

So lets look at the words…  Take GOD…  You might assume that they are talking about a specific GOD, as in “The One True God” but, since different religions have different Gods you might wonder of they are talking about Set, Zeus, or Jehovah.  I am not sure at this point…  because what do they mean by “hates”?  Is this “hates” as in they displease him, or upsets him, or are they talking about a real hate here where he wants to rub therm out of existence?  To me it seems they are making “judgements” of their own.  Are they not worried that their God might get upset that they are taking one of his rights, as in “judge not lest ye be judged”?  It is obvious that they are NOT talking about a Loving God who allows “free will” in order to let humans decide which direction they will follow and wants people to do what is RIGHT.  Personally I would not see myself lining up behind their god.

Then, of course, they use the term “FAG”…  Which is a provocation, as in “provocative speech and gesture”, which would tend to indicate a limited vocabulary..  I might not be one of the sharpest tools in the toolbox but, at least I can use words, other than slang, to get my message across.  For example, I might have said “JAHOVAH DISAPPROVES OF HOMOSEXUALS“…  In reality I would only go as far as to say that he does not approve of Homosexuals, Gays or Same Sex for you people over there on the left.

My belief, and what I have been taught, is that a persons religious values and beliefs are personal.  While it is perfectly with in each persons rights, both religious and civil, to act as Witnesses  for their beliefs it is beyond their rights, Christian wise, to make hatred laden judgements against people who do not share their beliefs.  If you do not like Gays it is within your rights to not associate with them, it is NOT within your rights to usurp the judgement of Jehovah, that is his right to make these Judgements.

Now, lets get to their message about Thank God for” the bombs, or the shooters, or whatever…  If any God were to do what the Westboro Baptist Church had said and used indiscriminate mass murder to get his message across this would not be a God of love but, one of HATE and so not worth worshiping….  These people believe that God, whichever one they mean, is using these people, bombers or shooters, to punish the United States because a portion of out population wants to let Homosexuals/Gays/Same Sex marry.  This is stupid.  Not everyone agrees that the Institution of Marriage includes two people of the same sex.  It has been said that our “Freedom of Religion” can also be construed as our “Freedom From Religion” and that the Untied States has separation of church and state so that we will not have the kind of religious law that the first settlers came over here to get away from.  Our law are supposed to be about what is good for Society and NOT about the Church…  Do some of our law fit under both categories?  Yes.  If the founding fathers had wanted to make Religious law they might have codified the “10 Commandments” rather than the “Bill of Rights”.

If Jehovah had wanted use these killers to make a clear statement about HIS hatred wouldn’t he have used them at a “Gay Pride Day” event?  Why would he attack athletes?

Wouldn’t the death of our soldiers overseas more likely say that Muslims are evil rather  than that the country that uses the motto “In God We Trust” is evil?

My point is simple…  The God that the Westboro Babtist Church glorifies is a god of hate, and not one of Love.  For those of you who do not believe in any gods, it is simple, they are just a bunch of lunatics, for those who do believe in a GOD you can make up your own mind about these people..

I can’t really imagine a world, such as ours, that came into existence by just chance, so I would prefer to believe in one who either Loves us, or doesn’t care but, I would NOT like to believe in one who preaches HATE…  so I believe that these people, who seem to indicate that indiscriminate murder is an act of god are crazy and that brings me to the main thrust of my article……  Even crazy people of “Freedom of Speech”.


That Joe Guy.

The War on Drugs, Are We Winning?

Medical Cannabis Growing Operation in Oakland,...
Medical Cannabis Growing Operation in Oakland, California (Photo credit: Rusty Blazenhoff)
The War on Drugs
The War on Drugs (Photo credit: Jason Verwey)

If Walter Cronkite were still alive, and reporting, he would probably give the same pronouncement about the “War On Drugs” that he did about the “War in Vietnam“.

“The War is Lost”.

I am not going to got, as of this moment, into the discussion of harder drugs such as opium, not the perfume, cocaine, or heroin, at this time…  I am planning to rant on about marijuana and the “War” against it….

Given that cannabis has been around since about 3000BC, only been outlawed since the early 1900, and the War was declared in just the last 50 years, or so,  you might say that there had not really been enough time for the War to take effect…  Maybe that is the reason that we have not been able to stop the manufacture, distribution, and use of this terrible drug, or medical wonder..  it all depends on who you talk to..  The group NORMAL will tell you that it is the third most used recreational drug, behind alcohol and tobacco, and that it has wonderful properties for medical use….  The National Ins. for Drug Abuse, part of the National Inst. for Health, will tell you that it is a terrible drug with benefits that are not worth the dangers it posses.

medical marijuana is proscribed for a number of medical problems, and is supposed to be useful with pain relief, increasing appetites, decreasing nausea, and other types of symptoms..  Many people see its uses as good and believe that it would be best, to at least, pass laws allowing the use for medical purposes.  Others see this as evidence that it should be legalized…

Over the years marijuana has been demonized in the press…  Just look at those old movies, such as “Reefer Madness” , that portray even casual use as leading to homicidal madness.  That particular move became a Cult Clasic in propaganda, and can still be viewes on some of the old movies sites..

When you try to decie good or bad remember that you should look at the aim of the people who put out the reports..  Normal, you can guess, is interested in ending the prohibition.  The NIDA is interested in keeping the prohibition.  The Feds and local  Law Enforcement spend millions to enforce laws that allow them to confiscate property used in these crimes…..

Some years ago the Manatee County Sheriff Office’s Delta Team, thier special drig interdiction team, was found to have planted drugs in people cars so that the vehicles could be confiscated and used by the team..  At least one woman was sent to jail after she was framed and her fancy car confiscated…

The War on Drugs goes on, and the flow of marijuana does as well…

What are the effects of marijuana use…  Price is hight because it is illegal.  That prompts people to get into the trade..  The Cartels, who smuggle it along with other drugs, either pay off croooked cops, or kill the honest ones who get in their way, then smuggle it into this country.  The drugs are then sold to gangs who sell it in poorer neighborhoods to people who can not really afford the high price that comes with the drugs…  Namely the gangs who kill people who get in their way, and/or pay off the people who are supposed to protect the public from just this kind of crime..

The kind of financial inducements that this trade can offer is often more than some underpaid officers can resist, while others, who believe in their jobs are sometimes killed for their efforts.

When the government, DEA, FBI, or NIDA, tell me that the so called positive effect of marijuana are not worth the damage they do, I tend to wonder if the prohibition against this drugs is worth all the money that is thrown at useless enforcement, the death of honerable law enforcement officers, or the killing of people who do not want the gangs selling on their street..  Is all that money worth making rich people out of trash?

Is all the pain and corruption worth it just to protect someone who is stupid enough to throw their life away on drugs?

Why don’t we just legalize it and take away all the money that just feeds the cycle of violence..  We can’t save everybody, we can only help people who want to help themselves…  We could spend some of those millions of dollars, now used trying to stop the tide of marijuana imports, on those people we can help, and maybe we could get some tax money out of the people who still want to use it..

We don’t have to feed crime, in order to protect those with more money than brains…

There is always talk about “victims of crime”.  The victims here are not the users.  The victims here are the families of the users, the people who find their officers are being seduced by the money they can get, from protecting the criminals, and the people, as well as REAL Law enforcement Officers, who are killed by the drug trade…

The War on Drugs is lost, and was never really worth fighting in the first place…  Marijuana may damage the brains of the users but, as far as I am concerned there was already brain damage when they started to use it in the first place…  and if there is a useful purpose for this drug maybe the legalization would do some good for the sick, and save money spent in useless efforts..