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The Enemy of my Enemy?

There is an old saying “The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend”.  That kind of logic lead us to become allies with the old Soviet Union, USSR, or as they really are, the Russians.  Yes, we were allies with the Russians, even while we were sentencing the Rosenberg to death for giving Nuclear secrets to out allies?  In the 80s, a period when I was stationed at Hahn AB in Germany, we may have been facing off with the Russians from across the Iron Curtain, but when it cam to shopping in the Main BX in Berlin?  Yes..  The Evil Empire was allowed to shop at the big commissary in Berlin.  Why?  Because they were our allies..

People thought it was strange that we could be about to go to war with the Russians, and yet we would let them onto our bases so they could shop?

So, what does this have to do with our old saying?  “The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend”?  Because in 1941 the German government turned on their one time ally, the Germans had been allies of the Russian long enough to divide up a good hunk of eastern Europe, and so when we got into the war a few months later it was “The Enemy of my Enemy” is that out enemy was Germany, and the Russians, since their betrayal by  the Germans, were therefor our friends..

Over the ensuing years we would often come to near war with the big bear many times in an effort to prevent the Evil Empire from spreading across the world like a giant fungus.  We would be involved in proxy wars, think Korea and Vietmam, in an effort to keep the Bear contained.

For the most part we were successful, though we did lose Vietnam, and sometime there were unintended consequences.  A good example of that was when Iran revolted against the Shah and the country was taken over by the west hating clerics, who started calling the United States the Great Satan.  It wasn’t that we had any great dislike for the Iranian people we had just seen the Big Bear as the greater threat, and so we had, in an effort to counter their influence in the middle east, supported another dictator..  It might have been many years ago to us but they remember it.  That and our support of Saddam Hussein in later years.

These proxy wars also had other effects.  For a prime example I give you Israel.  Yes we have supported Israel since about 1948 when an American officer, Col. Micky Marcus, was recruited to become Israel’s first modern General(aluf).  Though he died in the conflict he was able to help Israel survive it’s first war with the neighboring countries who did not want a Jewish state so near their borders.  The interesting, at least to me, effect was that over the years, and several wars, Israel used mostly American weapons system against weapon system supplied by the USSR to those same neighboring countries.  We were also able to get our hands on a number of these weapon system that were captured by the Israeli Defense Forces, which allowed the United State to further analyse how they worked..

When it comes to the Middle East the thought comes to mind that while the United States and NATO have been looking at the “Big Picture” people like the new rulers, new in 1979, of Iran were only thinking about their small picture..  and like Castro, who spent many years in power telling his people that the United States was on the verge of taking over Cuba and how it was through his strength that the United States was continually defeated, or how Kim Sung did the same for North Korea…  The rulers in Iran have been telling the world how the United States was getting ready to invade their county.

At one point, when the United States had crushed the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam in Iraq, we had Iran surrounded.  That would have been the time to crush the largest supporter of terrorism of the time..  Iran.  The country that supplied money and weapon to Syria, which then got into the hands of the Hammas and other terrorist groups.   One thing that we must remember is that this groups, the people in the Gaza area who keep telling us they are the victims of Israel, came from the PLO under Yasser Arafat.  A group that blew up civilian aircraft, hijacked them, hijacked ship, and killed hostages.

Once we even supported Iraq, during their 7, or 8, year war with Iran.  The Iranians probably remember how we had many of the tanker that transit the Persian Gulf flagged with U.S. flags, and we sank a number of the Iranian ships that attacked these reflaged ships..  This was not because we thought Saddam was such a great guy, after all we had 2 wars with him since then and threw him out of power on the last one, it was so that the Iranians could not put a damper on the flow of oil by sinking the Iraqi flagged ships.

The point I was working my way to, by the scenic route, was that now, with the Paris attacks, the Russians have decided to use the attacks as an excuse for having a legitimate reason to send troops.

Since the civil war started in Syria there were attacks using poison gas.  Obama threatened Assad and said that if he did not stop the attacks on the rebels, that he would bomb them.  The Hesitant President took his time making a decision, and by the time he did it was discovered that it was the rebels who had been using gas, not the government..  Then ISIS, or ISIL, or whatever name they are called, got into the mix.  In an effort to stop ISIS the United States, Obama, decided to help the groups that were also fighting the Syrian government…

Then Syria started to get rather crowded with the influx of Iranians, Russians and Cubans..  We have people in with the rebels, so it is possible, since the Russians were trying to keep Assad in power, the our troops could come under fire from the Russians.  As an aside, it is interesting to not that just a few days after President Obama moved to normalize relations with Cuba they would send troops to Syria in support of the Russians.

It is no secret that the Russian would want a Mediterranean port so they could project their sea-power into the Med.  Well, supporting Assad is one way of doing that.  If they go after ISIS that will give them an excuse, as an Ally, to go into Iraq, which brings me to my point.  Looking back at World War II the Russian army took up half of Germany.  The result was a divided Germany that lasted almost 50 years until the collapse of the USSR.  Once the Russians get control of a country they do not like to give it up….  Just look at their efforts to seize control of, in recent years, Georgia and the Ukraine.

So my question is : If the Russians are the enemy of our enemy(ISIS) does that really make them good guys, and how can we be sure of getting them out of there once it is over?  It doesn’t.  They are still up to their old tricks.  Take the Russian bomber that was shot down by the Turks.  The Turkish government says that the plane kept over flying Turkish territory, the Russian say it did not.  I tend to side with the Turks.  In the 70s, when I was in the U.S. Air Force I talked to a number of pilots who had flown alert duty, during the cold war, on the eastern coast of the U.S. who told how they would have to usher Russian recon aircraft out from U.S. territory.  Sometimes while they were still flying OVER dry land.  We could have shot them down for being there as the type of aircraft they used, called the Bear by NATO, was a converted strategic bomber.

So, while it might be nice to think that the Russian are just helping get rid of this terrorist threat can we really be sure that they aren’t just using this as an excuse to do a little land grabbing?


That Joe Guy.



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I have to apologize to my readers..

I have not been doing what I had intended to do.  Most of what I write has to do with viewpoint I have picked up over the years due to my experience.

Online I started about 1985 or 1986 with a BBS system called The Playhouse.  I had 3 phone lines an the software was the Major BBS.  I had this BBS until about 1997, November, when my hard drive quit and I had to look for another job.

Later, in a crass capitalistic fervor I would start up the non-profit, though this status was unintentional,  web site “Information Showroom” that lasted until another period my my having not money.

Later I would go with Word Press on my site, which is still there.

Now I have

My apology has to do with my not producing as much material as I had intended.  I just look at my user list and have 223 registered subscribers, and I thank them all.

This computer, which I use to submit articles to the site, is a Windows Vista machine.  I have had periodic failures of the hard drive that require frequent use of the check disk program and Advanced System Care.  Recently the whole thing got so bad that I could only login to Windoz in safe mode.  The normal  mode, for some strange reason, would decide that it did not like my password, which, of course, is the same as under safe mode which did accept it.

Windows could not tell me what was wrong with it.

Now I can get into Vista in normal mode, but it won’t recognize either the network or sound…  something about dependency groups not being able to start.

When I first started having this last batch of problem I put Linux Ubuntu on my system, and that is how I am running it now..

If anyone notice that I was not putting out articles, or even cared, this is my apology.


That Joe Guy.

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I am sorry Baltimore..

but it seems you have more problems than just racism.

In the Baltimore death of Freddie Gray it would appear that the operative words are “race to judgment”.

As of today there are a number of question that need to be answered..  Freddie Gray was arrested on Apr. 12 by three bike patrol officers, in the Gilmore Housing area, after he “locked eyes with them” and turned around to get away..  They chased him down, searched him, and then arrested him for “suspicion of carrying a switch blade”.  The knife has since been identified as a plain folding knife of the type that is legal to carry,  according to Marilyn Mosby,  which made it an illegal arrest.  My understanding of things is that Mosby works for the state of Maryland, and is talking about state law.  A task force of City Officers said the knife was illegal under city ordinances.  So there might be a question there.

Legally Law Enforcement officers are assumed, unless proven otherwise, to act according to the law.  This gives them a certain protection as not every arrest is either prosecuted, or convicted, and there are times when charges just can not be proven, either because the evidence is not there, or the officers made mistakes.

So the question here might be why did three officers arrest him for carrying what might be a legal knife?  Did they not know the difference between a switch blade and a folding knife?  Not likely.  So why would they arrest him for it if they knew the charges would be dismissed, or was it just a result of some kind of misunderstanding?  One explanation might have to do with the fact that when Freddie Gray saw that the officers had seen him he turned to leave the area..  Many officers will take that for a suspicious act and want to investigate.  At least to the point of getting an ID.  In this case the knife appears to be a reason to hold him, for long enough to find out if he is wanted in another jurisdiction, or in case a crime has been committed, though not as yet reported, and he might be the perp.

The injury is my next question..  There are a number of, to me, puzzling aspects to his injury..  A number of people have pointed to the video of Mr. Gray getting carried to the police wagon..  They site this as evidence that he was unable to use his legs to walk.  I have looked at the video and to me it looks like rather than being straight and dragging his legs look bent as if he has pulled them up so as to force the officers to carry him.  This is a tactic that is often used by protesters when they are arrested by police.  This might also explain his cries of pain.  Just think about what his shoulder would feel like if, when he lifted his legs into the air, the officers carried him by his cuffed arms, thus putting additional pressure on his shoulder joints.

While NBC News quotes Deputy Police Commissioner Keven Davis as having  said when police arrested Gray on Presbury Street, “quite frankly that’s exactly where Freddie Gray should have received medical attention, and he did not.”   The coroners office was supposed to have said that the injury happened after Mr. Gray had been in the van.  So, is Commissioner Davis saying that all arrested persons should receive medical care after an arrest?  Does he know something we don’t, or is it possible that the injury happened during the arrest, when officers were said to have held his head down with their feet, and the injury was aggravated by the ride in the wagon.

I would like to know more about that ride in the wagon.  He was placed, handcuffed, into the back of the van.  It looks like the placed him on the floor of the van rather than on an interior bench.  Later the van is supposed to have stopped so they could put leg irons on him..  I worked at the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, in the jail, for several months before they decided that I did not have the temperament to work with prisoners, but in the 4 months that I was there I saw a number of times when, either City or County, would bring unruly prisoners into the jail using what is sometimes referred to a hogtie.  If this were the case with Mr. Gray it would indeed be hard to belt him onto a bench.  So maybe this is what happened..  He might have been laying on the floor of the van with his ankles cuffed to his wrist, or maybe not.

There were reports that the coroners office stated that he had a head injury that matched a bolt in the back of the van but I do not remember seeing anything about where this bolt was located.  Would it be in a place where he could only come into contact with it if he was on the floor, or was it some place where he might have hit it while on the bench?

One medical source was reported to have said that Freddie Gray injuries were consistent with those found in a car crash…

Did an officer’s knee against his neck, a move done to hold a struggling prisoner still, have enough force to do this, or was that he suffered an injury that was not serious by itself but was further damaged by the ride.

That gets us to the ride in the van..  and there does seem to be a history of people injured in the back of these vans:

(This part taken from

Relatives of Dondi Johnson Sr., who was left a paraplegic after a 2005 police van ride, won a $7.4 million verdict against police officers. A year earlier, Jeffrey Alston was awarded $39 million by a jury after he became paralyzed from the neck down as the result of a van ride. Others have also received payouts after filing lawsuits. […]

Christine Abbott, a 27-year-old assistant librarian at the Johns Hopkins University, is suing city officers in federal court, alleging that she got such a ride in 2012. According to the suit, officers cuffed Abbott’s hands behind her back, threw her into a police van, left her unbuckled and “maniacally drove” her to the Northern District police station, “tossing [her] around the interior of the police van.” […]

The most sensational case in Baltimore involved Johnson, a 43-year-old plumber who was arrested for public urination. He was handcuffed and placed in a transport van in good health. He emerged a quadriplegic.

In 1997, Alston became paralyzed from the neck down in a van after being arrested. Alston said he told the officers he couldn’t breathe, but they refused to give him an inhaler for asthma.

Officers said the 32-year-old repeatedly rammed his head into the side of the van, freed himself from a seat belt and thrashed some more.

Alston sued, and at the trial, Dr. Adrian Barbul, a Sinai Hospital trauma surgeon, testified that Alston had no external head injuries when he was taken to the emergency room.

(last of the above)

Maybe the Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby knows something we can’t see, maybe she is just going for a prosecution to let the courts decide what happened, or maybe she is just another activist who wants to show that she can be tough on cops, even though she is from a police family.

I don’t have enough information to decide, though it does not really look good for the Baltimore City Police Department.

Trivia fact alert : Baltimore has a Baltimore City Police Department, a Baltimore County Police Department, and a Baltimore County Sheriff’s Office..  Supposedly the BCSO only works through the courts.

It would be nice to know, though not really important here in Florida, if this problem is an indication of systemic failure in the BPD, or a freak occurrence.


Thank you,

That Joe Guy.


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Kerry wants to give money to Gaza?

Lets just face a simple fact here…  Kerry is an IDIOT…  I wonder why it is that Obama can’t seem to find one official for his administration who is NOT an IDIOT..

Why are we planning to give money to rebuild the Gaza strip?  Could it be that if we give them money to rebuild they will then work with us to make peace?  Not likely..

Anybody remember Yassar Arafat?  Leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization?   A terrorist groups that was responsible for plane hijackings, bombings. and assassinations?    The man who passed up on the best chance they ever had to make peace with Israel because they still wanted to destroy that country?  He was a terrorist thug, and the Palestinians are continuing in his tradition..

Hamas acts as the Gaza Strip version of a Security Agency..

One of the marks of a sovereign nation is it’s control of it’s own borders…  they want people to look at them as a Nation..

If the Military of any other nations kept attacking another nations along their border it would be an act of war, and would justify the other nation’s attacks..  The problem here is that most of the Muslim nations in the area don’t like a Jewish state in their midst..  so they get upset when Israel defends itself..

I have an idea…  Let Kerry give money to the thugs along the Gaza strip, and then charge him with “supporting terrorism”.

Scams World at Large

Just a Quick Thought..

Wifi network
Wifi network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was going through the various spam messages on and found an interesting one.

It was a message from who wrote….

It’s the best time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy.
I have read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you few interesting things or advice.
Perhaps you could write next articles referring to this article.

I wish to read more things about it!

I still have his comments listed as SPAM, and now wish to put it in the frame of a SCAM..

The URL that came with this comment goes back to Going to the URL I found this statement…

Unlock any available wireless network

We offer you the software able to unlock any wifi network encrypted through WPA/WPA2/WEP key. Without exaggeration, it is the greatest wifi hacker available.


It is interesting to note that at the according to the sight is either registered, or is located, in Panama.

The software is advertised as being FREE and able to HACK the encryption protocols of WiFi networks. This sent up the first RED FLAG for me… This is pretty much the same as if I sent out an offer to give free lock picks that would allow you to get into anyones home, or office, for free… Either of these events would be illegal, and they seem to be advocating just that..

The next RED FLAG that I found was that they had a number of different ICONs on the page that implied the software was virus free, and they used  logos of a number of antivirus companies to imply that this software had been vetted by them.. It was just a picture and none of them took me to the indicated websites.

Net there are the seeming endorsements, none of which go anywhere. This is a sure indication that they are fake, and just copy and past ICONS.


If any of this had been true they would have had links behind them that would take you to the site where they could be verified but, they don’t.
One of the customer statements said so. Tested it myself and am more than pleased. And it all goes free. Sounds too good to be true, yet it is  Yes, it is too good to be true..
Anybody using this software would be breaking laws in almost any jurisdiction I can think of… if it did indeed work as stated.. My best guess would be that the minute anyone installed this software : their computer would itself be compromised..
So, the chance of this being a generous offer made by a company in Panama are pretty much NIL.
I am sure anyone who is able to find my blog, out of all the millions of blogs, is smart enough to not fall for this scam. I just wanted to make sure.
That Joe Guy.