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nfrom Chris Murphy 01634 686 515nA church pastor has been savaged after launching a bitter attack on the gay community in Orlando hours after the Pulse club horror.nHe took to his pulpit to spit hate, saying: "Hey, are you sad that 50 paedophiles were killed today? No ... I think that's great. I think that helps society.  I think Orlando, Florida's a little safer tonight."nAs if that wasn't enough, in front of his believers, he later added: "It is unnatural for a man to be attracted to another man.n"The tragedy is that more of them didn't die."nIt happened in Sacramento, California, and it didn't take long for others to launch their own attacks on Pastor Roger Jimenez sermon of spite.nA link on his church's Facebook page, Verity Baptist Church,  directs viewers to the hour long sermon on YouTube.nFor members of Sacramento's LGBTQ community, religious freedom is sacred, but leaders feel a vile line has been crossed.n"We as the gay community support you should be able to worship as you see fit, but it's when you use the pulpit to incite violence or demean or discredit another class of people, just utter disgust," Donald Bentz, executive director of Sacramento's LGBTQ Community Center told local news station FOX40.nJimenez was contacted at his church, on the phone and at his home Monday but has not yet made a comment.nPastor Jimenez used passages in the Bible from Judges 19:22, Genesis 4:1 and Romans 1:27 to back up his points.nBut Mr Bentz countered that saying: "Most of those texts were originally written into Hebrew, translated into Greek, translated into Latin, translated into old English, new English and then back to English and every author that did the translations subjected them to the social mores of their time."nPastor Jimenez called the victims "predators".n"To know that this man's church is within driving distance of my home and where I work and where I'm walking at night, and his congregation members are out on the street, it's very scary," Mr Bentz told Fox40.nEven Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson took to Twitter to express his feelings, saying: "The hateful comments made by a preacher in Sacramento do not reflect Christian values and have no place in our society."nTo see the key points of the sermon go here and watch the Fox40 videon

I am starting this entry on Tuesday the 14th of June.

As you will know by now, over 50 people where killed Sunday morning at the Pulse night club in Orlando Fla.  The nightclub in question is a hangout for the LGBT set.

I am not going into the legitimacy of the gay community, I don’t think they are normal, or bad, they just are.

Here is an interesting Link to an L.A.Times article

We know about the idea of Radical Islam, though President Obama seems to have a hard time with the concept.. but, so we ever consider the other side of that coin?  Radical Christians?  Not really..

According to the  Washington Post: Pastor Roger Jimenez from Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento told his congregation that Christians “shouldn’t be mourning the death of 50 sodomites.”

Add to that the Westberro Baptist Church saying, after the Boston Marathon bombing, “Thank God for Bombers”, and you might wonder if the description “radical Baptist” might be in order..

I want to say again, I do not think homosexuality is normal, or any combination of it, but that, is my personal opinion and I would not inflict it on anyone..

Hate speech is just that “Hate Speech” and just because they have to title Iman or Reverend on their name does not make it any less so..

That is one thing that President Obama should be able to understand after having listened to the Reverend Wright for 20 years..

For centuries society had defined marriage as between a man and woman, then the MIBs, Men in Bathrobes, decided that a marriage ban violated their rights to something, and declared marriage open to all.

I might not agree with homosexuality but that is their bussiness, not mine, and to say “kill the sodomites” is hate speech of the type that should be condemmed as we comdem those who say “kill the infidels”.


That Joe Guy.

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Religious Extremism Trial: Russia Convicts 16 Jehovah’s Witnesses

Taganrog City Court convicted them of extremist activity for holding and attending peaceful religious meetings. The decision sets an ominous precedent.

Source: Religious Extremism Trial: Russia Convicts 16 Jehovah’s Witnesses


I recently received an email from my brother, in Colorado, who is himself a Jehovah’s Witness.  Now I know the Russian’s allow some Christian religions to practice there.  The extremist part I can understand.  The part of this I don’t understand is what is it about the JWs that the Russian consider extremist?  That is, after all, what they were convicted of..   Though I was unable to find any kind of explanation of what they consider extremism…

I don’t know what you think about the JWs but I find this hard to understand.  They pay their taxes, though they will not serve in a military, nor take part in government, as they, from my understanding, do not believe that corrupt government of man can run the world..  Looking around I can kind of see the point.  On the other hand if we were to give up our government, no matter how incompetent they may be we would just have uncontrolled anarchy, rather then the partial anarchy to seems to grip the world now.

While I am not a big supporter of religious organizations, I do believe they should have the right to worship in their own way, as long as it doesn’t infringe, or damage, other people rights, and I respect those who can live by their beliefs, unlike people such as the Westboro Baptist Church, or New Gingrich who cheated on two of his three wives and then married the girlfriends.

The JWs were one of the groups that was rounded up by the Nazis in WWII, as they refused to serve in the German services, and so many of them were exterminated in the concentration camps.

We might not believe everything they believe but, we should respect and support their right to worship.


That Joe Guy.

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Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Do we really CAIR?

Just  the other night I watched a video of a debate that was

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day - Mohammed by Hlkolaya
Everybody Draw Mohammed Day – Mohammed by Hlkolaya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

centered on this question..  It was given by some group called Intelligence, or squared.  I found the website, though I have not been able to find the video I saw the other night…  The web site is

I have to admit that I am not really good a remembering people’s names, so I do not remember the names of the people who spoke for or against the idea that Islam is a Religion of Peace.

One young lady, who spoke in favor of the topic,  explained that where she grew up, here in the United States, she had as many rights as the men, and did not have to wear head coverings…  All of the things she pointed to as reasons why Islam was peaceful and allowed equal standing for women were benefits of the struggles conducted by the “Women’s suffrage Movement” and not something that was allowed her by the Islamic Clerics.

One man told about how he had grown up to be a Jihadist only to spend time an a Cairo prison.  It was here, if I understood what he had said, that he really started to read the Quran and began to see that there was a more peaceful side to it…

The other two people on the panel spoke against the concept..  and they all made some interesting points.

To me the most telling points were made by the people who spoke against the idea..  One man brought up the fact that in his life time Mohammad engaged in 65 conquest.

Forget the fact that ever since Mohammad died, or was poisoned, the Shiite and Sunni sects have been fighting over who would be in charge of this “Religion of Peace”.   No, forget their several hundred years, since about the 4th Century, internal conflict.

Think about this : in the last couple of hundred years the only place where they have not been the aggressors was, it seems,  in Bosnia, where they were attacked by the Serbs..  In that case the United States and NATO came the their aid and made the Serbs pull back..

Over the years I heard many people tell me that the Islamic religion is a religion of peace and tolerance, which might explain why people in places like Iran, for instance, have been tried for switching to some other religion, such as Christianity.

The left accuses the Republicans of having a “War Against Women” because the Republicans are against law that would require Religious organizations to pay for women’s contraceptive materials.  When is the last time these people, who say they are for Womens Rights, has said anything about the middle eastern practice of stoning rape victims, for adultery, because the were unable to get 4  males to say that she was indeed raped..

There was an American movie some years ago that told how a Princess of the Royal Family was beheaded for Adultery.  When the movie came out the Saudi Royal family said that these people should not have been allowed to make the movie, not on the grounds that it was untrue but because it cast a bad image on Muslims.   If you don’t want the bad things to get out, then don’t do them…

Here is a story that I believe I have told here before but bears repeating..  When I was in the Air Force, while stationed at MacDill AFB, I was on a mobility team that, in case of emergency, would go to Riyadh Saudi Arabia.    During the numerous rehearsal, when we would even go so far as to board a plane, part of out briefing was that any woman who was dark skinned could request to be excluded from the mission…  Why you ask?  Well it is rather simple..  Even though we would show up to help them, and in uniform, there was the chance that these women would be taken into custody for not wearing the required head covering..   Another show of tolerance?

I say: go by what they do and not what they say.  When you look at it that way you can see how benign and tolerant they are..


That Joe Guy.

Religion What are they thinking?

Florida Teacher Says No to Bible During ‘Free Reading’ Time

Florida Teacher Says No to Bible During ‘Free Reading’ Time.

While I am not a great exponent of Religions in the Schools, look at the trouble they have with just figuring out how to teach MATH and then tell me what they would do to the Bible, but if the school policy is that the students have a period of FREE reading they they should be able to read what interest them..  such as the Bible..

To allow a teacher to say that you can not read this material in my class, assuming she is not talking about pornographic material, is a step toward censorship…

What if the teacher were a Conservative who said the student could not read liberal newspapers or magazines in his/her class?  It would result in a media outcry from the liberals, and would be on their front pages.

Maybe she just doesn’t want her students to read the morality lessons often given in the Bible…?


That Joe Guy.

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Westboro Babtist Church? Even Crazy People have Rights!

After the bombing of the Boston Marathon I became aware of the Westboro Baptist

Even Crazy people have the right to FREE SPEECH.
Even Crazy people have the right to FREE SPEECH.

Church, in Topeka Kansas, which is not, as far as I have read, connected to any real church, Baptist or otherwise.

The church was started in, or around, 1955, and probably began spewing it’s hate and ignorance soon after.  The group seems to be under the spittle drenched command of a Fred Phelps who’s message of “GOD hates FAGS” shows a really poor Christian message and a certain amount of “poor white trash” intellect.  You can see them at their  website  It is kind of like going to the ZOO and watching the animals sniff each others buts.  So who are they, and what is their message?

Who they are seems to be the family of this Fred Phelps and may only be about 50 people strange.  In that way they are insignificant.  Their message of hate is where they become important.  Yes they have a right to free speech, and yes their speech says a lot about them..  Lets look at some of it..  “GOD hates FAGS”.  On the face of it you might think that is just a statement of fact….

So lets look at the words…  Take GOD…  You might assume that they are talking about a specific GOD, as in “The One True God” but, since different religions have different Gods you might wonder of they are talking about Set, Zeus, or Jehovah.  I am not sure at this point…  because what do they mean by “hates”?  Is this “hates” as in they displease him, or upsets him, or are they talking about a real hate here where he wants to rub therm out of existence?  To me it seems they are making “judgements” of their own.  Are they not worried that their God might get upset that they are taking one of his rights, as in “judge not lest ye be judged”?  It is obvious that they are NOT talking about a Loving God who allows “free will” in order to let humans decide which direction they will follow and wants people to do what is RIGHT.  Personally I would not see myself lining up behind their god.

Then, of course, they use the term “FAG”…  Which is a provocation, as in “provocative speech and gesture”, which would tend to indicate a limited vocabulary..  I might not be one of the sharpest tools in the toolbox but, at least I can use words, other than slang, to get my message across.  For example, I might have said “JAHOVAH DISAPPROVES OF HOMOSEXUALS“…  In reality I would only go as far as to say that he does not approve of Homosexuals, Gays or Same Sex for you people over there on the left.

My belief, and what I have been taught, is that a persons religious values and beliefs are personal.  While it is perfectly with in each persons rights, both religious and civil, to act as Witnesses  for their beliefs it is beyond their rights, Christian wise, to make hatred laden judgements against people who do not share their beliefs.  If you do not like Gays it is within your rights to not associate with them, it is NOT within your rights to usurp the judgement of Jehovah, that is his right to make these Judgements.

Now, lets get to their message about Thank God for” the bombs, or the shooters, or whatever…  If any God were to do what the Westboro Baptist Church had said and used indiscriminate mass murder to get his message across this would not be a God of love but, one of HATE and so not worth worshiping….  These people believe that God, whichever one they mean, is using these people, bombers or shooters, to punish the United States because a portion of out population wants to let Homosexuals/Gays/Same Sex marry.  This is stupid.  Not everyone agrees that the Institution of Marriage includes two people of the same sex.  It has been said that our “Freedom of Religion” can also be construed as our “Freedom From Religion” and that the Untied States has separation of church and state so that we will not have the kind of religious law that the first settlers came over here to get away from.  Our law are supposed to be about what is good for Society and NOT about the Church…  Do some of our law fit under both categories?  Yes.  If the founding fathers had wanted to make Religious law they might have codified the “10 Commandments” rather than the “Bill of Rights”.

If Jehovah had wanted use these killers to make a clear statement about HIS hatred wouldn’t he have used them at a “Gay Pride Day” event?  Why would he attack athletes?

Wouldn’t the death of our soldiers overseas more likely say that Muslims are evil rather  than that the country that uses the motto “In God We Trust” is evil?

My point is simple…  The God that the Westboro Babtist Church glorifies is a god of hate, and not one of Love.  For those of you who do not believe in any gods, it is simple, they are just a bunch of lunatics, for those who do believe in a GOD you can make up your own mind about these people..

I can’t really imagine a world, such as ours, that came into existence by just chance, so I would prefer to believe in one who either Loves us, or doesn’t care but, I would NOT like to believe in one who preaches HATE…  so I believe that these people, who seem to indicate that indiscriminate murder is an act of god are crazy and that brings me to the main thrust of my article……  Even crazy people of “Freedom of Speech”.


That Joe Guy.