Gay Marriage, is it normal?

No..  For thousands of years marriage had been defined as between a man and a woman...  and sexual conduct between person's of the same sex was viewed as a "perversion" with practitioners of same being considered "perverts". Most state laws, even those not related to marriage, are based on "common law" which is a sort of unwritten law. … Continue reading Gay Marriage, is it normal?


Family Values? Newt Gingrinch?

Figuring which Republican would be the best President is rather hard.  In this day and age it seems to be expected that they will lie. You might have the political ad that "mostly" tells the truth, with the main thrust of which is said to be a falsehood.  The there are the ads put out by these groups who hide behind Action committees which… Continue reading Family Values? Newt Gingrinch?

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