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Perception : It is what you see.


To give you an example..  This Blog, as the title says, is “My View of the World by Joe” and as such it is my view of things based on how I perceive them…  I will admit that I am not a journalist.  I do not go racing out to the news so that I can ask people questions, such as “how did you feel when you saw the man murder your daughter/son/husband/wife/brother/sister/whatever”…  What I will do is read up on it and then give my view, based on my perception, of what is reported, and then try to make sense of it, and maybe ask a few questions…

Maybe I will get you to change your perception of things, and maybe I won’t but, either way I hope to get you thinking about it..

Most of my material, as you may have noticed, comes from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune at and my favorite source for thought is from Tom Lyons…  both are rather liberal, though he seems to have more common sense that the average liberal..

So, today I want to talk about the two party system that we have, and how they are perceived…

Since this article is about perception I will not try to convince you that these accusation are anything more than SOMEONES PERCEPTION.

First the Democrats….

Democrats are often seen as trying to make themselves more appealing to the criminal element and illegal immigrants by continually trying to give illegal immigrants rights and privileges reserved for legal immigrants and citizens…   making it easier for people who are not supposed to be here in the first place to get social services, vote and go to our schools..  In some states people with out documents can even get special driver’s licenses.  The Democrats continue to tell us that it is wrong to make someone prove they are themselves, by use of a picture I.D. , when they go to vote in an election…  Think about the number of places you have to show an I.D. to do, or get, such as the Pharmacy, travel through an Air Port, getting money from the bank, or to cash a check at the store.

Some people would go so far as to tell you that since we have Law Enforcement agencies to protect us there is really no need for us to own firearms, and that the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Division
ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Division (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

means that the right to bear arms is reserved for the government..  The myth of “to serve and protect” started by the Los Angles Police Department has been busted by a number of Police Chiefs who have said tha the purpose of their departments is NOT to protect us from crime but to response to criminal acts…  They advocate the creation of more Police type organization, armed of course,  that will have heavier and heavier firepower than the citizens..  If you don’t believe me just look up how many organizations have police powers..  I was surprised to find out that is some larger cities the Post Office has uniformed police patrols…  The POST OFFICE?  I was watching the Animal Planet on Comcast one day…  There were armed officers getting in cars clearly marked ASPCA…  They have Police powers?


Check out the number of Police Departments in New York City where they seem to have a cop for everything..  Sanitation Police anyone..  Do they shoot the people who litter or don’t recycle?

All of this is really a matter of perception but it does some times seem that the left is trying to give more rights to the people who are not supposed to be here by taking them away from those of us who are here legally…

Now for the Republicans…

They talk about people taking responsibility for their actions and how it is up to the individual to make his way in the world…  not the governments job…  This is often seen as an attack on the poor.  The Republicans are more inclined toward free enterprise with the idea that the government is responsible for helping people create their own wealth and by not giving it to them..  When President Obama talked about the man who had his own business, and how he had done it himself,  he put his foot in his mouth, maybe he just did not say it the way he ment to, by saying that man had not done it by himself as the government had made the roads and all those things that helped him build up that business…  If you watched the video of his speech President Obama seemed to be saying that the Federal Government did all the things that allowed him to build his company..  Like what?  The Roads?  Even the Interstates are not build by the Feds..  Sure the Federal agencies put the roads on a map but they give this map to the states who obtains the needed land, purchase the road beds, and then hire private contractors to build the roads that the people pay for with the federal gas tax, which the Feds had out like it was THEIR MONEY.  It would not be the job of the Federal Government to make his company for him but, they should at least be able to help keep a business landscape that enable him to build up that company..  himself.

When it come to business interest the Republicans are seen as caving in to the interest of BIG BUSINESS, sometime to the detriment of people’s interest.  Down here there is a constant fight between people who want to have controlled growth, so that we do not out build the roads, water, or services, and the people who want to just allow builder to put anything anywhere..

If you listen to some Republicans you will hear about how to current government regulations hinder the various corporations in the conduct of their business..  Take the Deep Horizon disaster, or the recent financial collapse..  Both of these were covered by government regulations but both happened, and that includes the great PONZI scheme of Bernie Madoff, while government was supposed to be watching but wasn’t.  So before was talk about cutting back on the regulations, some of which are there to ensure a safe environment, lets make sure the regulators are doing their jobs with the tools they have…


So, yes, this is about perceptions..  There are, as the saying goes, three sides to any story..  Mine, yours, and the truth.  It is up to us to discover what that truth really is and the make sure we elect people who are more interested in our interest than they are at getting re-elected.


It is afterall a Government “by, of, and for THE PEOPLE“,  not “by, of, and for THE CORPORATIONS”.


Thanks for your interest,

That Joe Guy.




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A Salute to Deductive Reasoning.


Just recently I watched a program on TV called “How Sherlock Holmes Changed the

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Cover of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


As I am sure everyone knows, the world renown detective from 221B Baker St. was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  In his books Holmes, who lived in the 1880 England, was a master of Deductive Reason and attention to detail..  Logical Reasoning has two components Deductive Reasoning, which is looking at parts of an object to decide what it is, and Inductive Reasoning, which is looking at the object and figuring what parts it should have..  To some degree this is subconscious and done automatically in that we first use Deductive Reasoning to, for example, decide that an object is a car and this the mind applies Inductive Reasoning to verify that it is indeed a car..

Sherlock was indeed ahead of his time..    He had his own forensic laboratory in the 1880..  The first one in America was when the FBI got theirs running in 1930s.

Sherlock further uses his intimate knowledge to correct Inspector Lastrade when he jumps to improper conclusions based on his having developed a theory before the facts were clear..

Yes, he did help change the world of Law Enforcement and this brings me to another

person who could also have a impact on Deductive Reasoning..

Several months ago I wrote a piece about a Deputy U.S. Marshal Matt Wiggin..  It seem that they had a tip, from an informant, about a person wanted for incestual rape.  The person was said to be in the area of a housing cluster.  As Deputy Marshal Wiggins, and his group of Marshal and Sarasota City Police, began a door to door search Deputy Wiggen came to the kitchen window of Louise Goldsberry, a nurse at Doctor’s Hospital.  This is where he made a deductive leap, equal to any made by Inspector Lastrade,  to believe that he had reasonable cause to believe the fugitive was located in that apartment…  when the nurse, who was at the kitchen sink doing dishes looked up to see a strange man pointing a weapon at her through the window, it had one of those little red laser sights, she proved, to him, that she was hiding something by ducking out of sight, and going to get a weapon of her own…  This was how, after her guilty display of survival instinct, they would have an armed face off when he, knowing she was hiding a fugitive, would open her door and enter.  There was no fugitive and she had never heard of the man.

It is from the wisdom of Deputy U.S. Marshal Matt Wiggins that we have leaned several facts.  If you ever see a foul mouth man aiming a weapon at you through a window, or door, and cursing you..  Don’t give into survival instincts and duck as that will prove to the  Law Enforcement officers that you have something to hide….  and that, given the impeccable nature of these deduction, a search warrant is no longer needed..


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Another Myth Disspelled? “To Serve and To Protect”?

One of the many things that the Angeles Police Department is  famous for is the phrase “To Serve and Protect“.  It was selected as a motto by the LAPD Academy in 1955 and has been used by many Police Departments since then….

So maybe the Emeryville Police Department should get their own motto.  They could use this one “To Force and Intimidate”.


That Joe Guy.

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SuperCops : Alive and Well in Sarasota, Fl. ?

In articles published by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, about Law Enforcement officers and Drug stops, I have come to the conclusion that we MUST have at least one Law Enforcement Officer with super powers… Deputy Dominic Fornal is one of them…  in 2011 he was given a commendation for his 100th DUI arrest.

Recently his superpowers were on display when, on a Friday night in May, he got behind a 2003 Jaguar that had just pulled out of a bar parking lot.  Even though he was behind the car going 30 – 35 MPH the SuperCop was able to smell the tiniest trace of marijuana in the trunk.  This is amazing.  After what the Sarasota Herald-Tribune relates as a 2 hour search of Joseph McNeals Jag. the brave Deputy was able to find a small piece of used roach.  Even though 3 other Deputies, a Venice police officers, and 2 K-9 units were not able to find anything, after ripping off the headliner and pulling up the dashboard and center console the SuperCop Deputy Fornal was able to detect that small roach in the trunk, after the others had already searched and found nothing …  and not only that but he had been able to smell what the K-9 units could not.. the smell of the that little roach, emanating from the trunk, while he was in his closed patrol car at 30-35 MPH… That is just AMAZING.  So what if the DUI charge against Mr. McNeal had to be dropped because the breath test showed his alcohol count was only .049, or less that the .08 required to be drunk, it is obvious to this writer that Deputy Fornal is just more sensitive to these things than a mere machine.

So what if Deputy Fornal has been removed from the DUI unit because others could not see, from his dashboard videos, what he could see.  So what if, once he has been removed from the DUI unit he won’t have a dash mounted video recorder as evidence.  It is already apparent that they don’t see the same things that his Superpowers can see.

So what if a number of his DUI cases have been thrown out due to the fact that the DashCam doesn’t show what he records in his paperwork, it is obvious that they are just jealous of his ability.

And, if you believe that, I am sure that the Brooklyn bridge, the British Crown Jewels, and many acres of ocean front property in Nevada are for sale…  and yes, we do need some more SuperCops.

Then again maybe we should just stick with the ones we have who can prove their cases..the old fashioned way.





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Lets hear if for Sheriff Joe from Arizona.

I don’t know the circumstances about this photo but, some photos speak for themselves and this is one of them.

The poster says “You Owe Us America” and they seem to indicate they will kill law enforcement officers until we give them what they want. So, my question is this : If I were to break into your house, how much would you OWE ME.  You wouldn’t just kick me out of the house, you’d call those law enforcement officers and they would put me in jail.