Another Myth Disspelled? “To Serve and To Protect”?

One of the many things that the Angeles Police Department is  famous for is the phrase “To Serve and Protect“.  It was selected as a motto by the LAPD Academy in 1955 and has been used by many Police Departments since then….

So maybe the Emeryville Police Department should get their own motto.  They could use this one “To Force and Intimidate”.


That Joe Guy.


By Joseph Bowen

Ex SSgt in Air Force Security Police... I had 10 years of active duty and inactive reserve. I have a total of 20 years, includes Air Force SP, security experience. I also worked 8 years and 4 months in the Garden Center of the Sarasota Cattleman Walmart. I also took the CCNA class at Sarasota Vo-Tech, when it was still called that. I am now, since 2010 a caregiver for my Mother. While I am now a registered Republican I am more likely to vote for whichever person I believe will do a better job.. In the last presidential elections I voted Libertarian, as I the two main choices seemed to be between lying crook, or an uncouth babler who could not be trusted.

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  1. The ability “To Serve and Protect” works best when you get some respect from the clowns (public) you are trying to work with. Why won’t people help the Police more? Are they so afraid of vengeful criminals that their spines suddenly collapse and melt away? Society itself is the biggest cause of the Police’s inability to get things done the way some of the altruistic clowns who complain about them think they should!! Don’t want ot be a “Rat”? Move to the Western Pacific group of the Marianas then. Not much to worry about out there… People can help by helping to create a more caring society OVERALL. Violence in video games for younger children, taking kids to R-rated movies, using the language and tone of rappers, gansters, etc., doesn’t help much at home either! WE are as much responsible for our plight than you think! The fact that criminals have taken over the tech advantage, used over-powering weapons to emphasize their superiority, etc., are things we can change within the system of laws and checks and balances. We have to convince a lame-ass Congress that this is precisely what we want — the removal of some of the restrictions placed on Police and the Legal System to keep crooks and hardened criminals from effecting our society. He stole a horse? Someone’s lifeline? HAND ‘EM! He raped someone’s mother, sister, girlfriend? HANG ‘EM! He used a gun to rob and kill? String ’em up!! Let’s not waste more money, time, grief over housing these bastards/bitches for year upon year. I remember that old Western,” Law West of the Pecos”, with Edgar Buchanan as Judge Roy Bean. “This is Texas, son. We’ll give ’em a fair trial, and then we’ll hang ’em!”
    Simple justice. Since most of this country seems to have taken GOD out of their daily life, why are worried over retibution?? An eye for an eye works for me. Think of the savings! We could almost pay for Medicare and Sociable (sic) Security with the money we’d save! As Clint Eastwood pointed out: “Hang ‘Em High”… Thanks for listening.
    P.S.: I want one of those T-Shirts that says: “How to lose 200 Pounds” — and shows a picture of a Smith and Wesson.45…. “Want to lose 250 Pounds? Double Tap.” Give ’em what they deserve!


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