I have an idea for Carnival Cruise Lines…..

I think I have a wonderful idea for the Carnival Cruiselines…..Chane the name to Survival Cruise Line and make it a reality show…  They could broadcast right from the ship.  Oh, this is great..  The Captain could navigate them into every storm, or hurricane, he can find, assuming they don’t do that now, and the winner will be the last passenger standing, or alive.

As extra excitement there is that idea that, since they have a problem with keeping up the ships system, the longer they are out the likely something vital will break and there is no way to know when that is going to happen…..

Think how neat it would be to watch them sail through the North Atlantic during storm season, or ICEBURG season, is there one of those?

We could even have side bets one whether the passengers abandon ship first, the crew, or the Captain, who would get his own camera crew to follow him around….  They could use a GPS device on him with repeater monitors stationed around the ship to show the passenger that he is nowhere near the lifeboat.

They could have a new motto “Carnival Cruise Lines, where sailing is REALLY AN ADVETURE.

Say prayers for futre Canival Cruises, even with out a reality show format, they need the help…


That Joe Guy.

One Reply to “I have an idea for Carnival Cruise Lines…..”

  1. Yes, there is an “Iceberg Season” in the North Atlantic. It is when the Artic and Greenland give up there outermost icepacks, and the resulting ‘bergs drift into the shipping lanes. Not much of a chance for another Titanic though. But, there is no accounting for the height of Stupidity that some folks can attain! Unless of course they allow that wonderful Captain of the Italian disaster to roam the seas in another of their ships! Stranger things have happened…
    Otherwise, I like your idea for a REAL reality series! I guess there would have to be rescuers on hand to retrieve those “contestants” that jump overboard in flames, or something like that. Or not. BTW, I have NEVER watched “Survivor” or “Lost” or any other “Reality” show. They’re all staged and too gimicvky to be actually “real”. I also do not subscribe to dancing -as-to-embarrass-oneself, or yodeling… I do not think I’m missing anything.
    Here’s an idea for a slogan: “Carnival: The Amtrak of the Waves!”


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