Protest or Vandalism?

Is Chris Young, credited with being a member of the Occupy Sarasota group, a protester, or a Vandal.  He himself stated, in a televised interview, that he did not know they were going to be there so, does that make him a member of the group, or just a cause that they can take up… Continue reading Protest or Vandalism?


Dear Readers

For those of you who actually read my articles:  I thank you very much... I love hearing from people who give  me the idea that they have REALLY read my material. On the other hand, there are those who write generic praise which, most likely, is a result of cut and paste and could refer… Continue reading Dear Readers

So What would be the DIFFERENCE?

Sarasota County Commissioners have said that they will stand behind the term limits that voters put in place in 1998… John Thaxton, often quoted by the newspapers, suggested that the term limits would eliminate the experience gained by a sitting Commissioners, and would leave the voters at the mercy of unelected staffers… My question is:… Continue reading So What would be the DIFFERENCE?

Who do they work for?

In 1998 %68 of Sarasota County voters passed a change to the County Charter that applied a 2 term limitation on County Commissioners. Later a Circuit Judge would apply a State Supreme Court ruling to say that this was unconstitutional.  In a case starting in Broward County an Appeals court has held that this is… Continue reading Who do they work for?

What do they do?

I have, to a degree, been following the scandal associated with the Procurement policies of the Sarasota Country Government... The scandal seems to have broken out with the arrest of a county employee, by the name of Rodney Jones, for taking kickbacks from the Chaz Equipment Co.  It seems that Mr. Jones used a process called Piggybacking… Continue reading What do they do?

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