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RPOF : Republican Party of Florida

I was reading that paper today and saw the article about Jim Greer, the one-time head of the RPOF, pleading guilty to 4 corruption charges so, instead up to 70 years, he only faces up to about 35 years, though the recommended sentence is about 3 1/2 years.

Defense attorney Damon Chase had vowed to exonerate Greer but after the hearing said, “Sometimes clearing your name is less important than taking care of your family and new baby. … Once again Jim Greer is falling on his sword for a lot of other folks.”

It looks as if, maybe, he figured out that he would not be able to get himself out of this mess…  If what Chase said was true about his “falling on his sword for a lot of other folks” then we could expect to see some kind of deal that would make prison time acceptable to him…

I would like to believe that the only rot in the RPOF was Jim Greer but I don’t a great impression about the party these days.

Charlie Crist, who used to be a Republican, had been chased out of the party because he, while trying to do what he thought was best for Florida voters, had not stuck to straight party lines.  It would seem that Party lines were more important than what was good for the voters.  Crist, a popular ex-Governor of Florida, had shown the courage to vote for a number of Democrat causes, one of which got him up on the stage with Obama.  This tendency to vote for what he thought was right did not sit well with the RPOF and so they forced him out by supporting Marco Rubio for the Senate seat.

I am probably expecting too much from politicians…

It is a fact that no matter what good intentions the politician had when he ran for office he soon finds out that to stay in office he has to appeal to the money people, who will pay for his advertisements.  If big oil is going to put big money into an elections : who do you think they will support?  An environmentalist or someone who wants to do away with all those troublesome safety regulations….  When Bush II got into office and was making up his energy plan there was a complaint that he did not include any of the environmental groups on the panel.  This was answered by saying that the panel, made up mostly by big energy, did not need the input from environmentalist because they already knew what they were going to say, and they would make sure their concerns were voiced.  This would be like, if you were charged with a crime, a prosecutor telling you that there is no need for a defence attorney as they know what your arguments are and will make sure they get voiced in court.  What verdict would you see in your future.

How often do we hear primary debates where one candidate accuses another of all kinds of heinous crimes, only to come out in support of him in the general elections?  This always makes me think about the accusations…  If they were false why does the other party not sue their shorts off, and if they were true then how could he possibly support that person..  The truth is that it doesn’t matter to him, true or false, they are just things to say about his opponent in order to get re-elected.  The problem for us is this, if the charges were false the man is a liar, and if they are true, he obviously cares more about his party than he does the voters.

An honest politician would not tell un-truths and would refuse to support that person if the charges were true.  It is just THAT SIMPLE.

Going back to Greer for second..  Maybe it is that what he did was obvious in hind sight.  Maybe what was going on was not a obvious until it was discovered.  Then again maybe there is a culture of corruption that made him feel that he could do what ever he wanted and not have to worry about getting caught..

Anybody remember Marth Stewart going to jail for insider trading?  She was supposed to have gotten a phone call from someone who had  insider information, that she was supposed to have used to make trade, that she would normally not have known about, in order to make money…  Now think Congressional Oversight hearings where they grill executive from various companies.  These people have to answer the questions and sometime, even behind closed doors, information comes out that might be called “insider information“.  Did you know that the congress is exempt from the insider trading laws?  Yes, they can use this information for their own gain, though an ethical person would not take advantage of this..  There is the old saying about avoiding “the hint of impropriety”.  Some people put their assets in a kind of trust so that they will not have any control over them, or even know what companies they are invested in.  This does not mean doing as the Gov. of Florida, Rick Scott, did when he handed control of his assets to his wife.

I recently heard Rush Limbaugh ask the, I assume it was rhetorical, question of “Dingie Harry” about how he was able to become a multimillionaire on a Senate salary.

I aimed this at the RPOF, as I am a Registered Republican, but my real question is….  Why did we stand for a State Party leadership that just smacks of corruption?

I will say again “we got who we vote for”.


That Joe Guy.

Maybe we could look for a third party?  Like the Libertarians?

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Multi-tiered Ethical Standards

Also know as Double standards…

When we venture out into the world, there are certain standards of conduct that we expect from people, there are certain standards that we expect them to live by, and we judge them by our idea of ethics.  For Military people it is the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Federal Law that lays out the acceptable conduct of military personnel.  This tells them what is expected of them, and what can happen to them of they violate these standards.

Most of use are bound by City, County, State and Federal Law, and the violation of these laws might result in fines and/or imprisonment.

Christians have the 10 Commandments, which tell them how they are supposed to act, though there are other sections of the bible that lay out other requirements, it is still the 10 Commandments that get the most attention.

Evan social organisations have standards of conduct, the violation of which might result in expulsion.

One of my favorite quotes by a fictional character is by Gen. Freeman, in a book written by Ian Slater.  The General is talking about prostitutes and makes the statement “prostitutes, their little better than politicians”.  I have always thought that statement said a lot… So what does this have to do with the conversation?

The question is : why do we set such low standards for politicians?  If my friends lied to me as much as the average politician I would stay away from him but, in the case of the people we put into some government office, to represent us, we set the ethical bar so low that the only way they seem to run afoul of it is to land in jail.

Teddy Kennedy‘s drunk driving killed a young woman on his staff.  If I had gotten drunk, run off the road into the water, and had left the young woman to drown I would have probably been in jail for murder.  Teddy just kept getting reelected, which just goes to show the type of standards the voters in his state had.  Newt Gingrich tried to appeal to the conservative Christians in Florida, in spite of his having not only cheated on 2 out of 3 wives but had broken his oath to Jehovah twice, that we know of.  Fortunately the Christian population did NOT fall for it.  When Marco Rubio was running for office he told the people, who would vote for him, that his parents fled the tyranny of Fidel Castro, in spite of the fact that they had left Cuba several years BEFORE Castro got into power, they still voted for him.

If you are really interested in the standards of your favorite politician then write down his statements about his opponent, and then check them with one of the fact check websites, and see how much truth you can get out of them…..  MOSTLY TRUE is NOT the TRUTH…  and as Fox Mulder used to say “the truth is out there”.

Lets start to hold Politicians to the same standards we would anybody else, which doesn’t include lawyers, banker, used car salesmen, military recruiters..  oh, I think you get the idea.

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What kind of Government do we deserve?

I keep thinking that what we really should have is an honest groups of representative who are in there as a public service, not a career.

In 2010 I watched a primary debate, for Governor, between Rick Scott and Bill McCollum.  I was not impressed with either of these gentlemen, and would later vote for Alex Sink, who did impress me…  In the debate McCollum hit Scoot on two things.  The first was his running of Columbia/HCA how the company incurred the largest fines ever against a healthcare company – ever.- for Medicaid fraud, double billing, and whatever.  Scott admitted that he was in charge but said the problem was that he did not have enough auditors to oversee the way the billing was done.  In an article by the Gulf coast Business Review(?) the writer make the statement that these billing practices were common practice, so their excuse was “everyone else was doing it”.  Yeah, that make it O.K. right?  The second item that he hammered him on had to do with the lawsuits that were brought against Solantic, the second healthcare company that Scott helped found.

My point here is not about whether, or not, Rick Scott was a crook but, this : if Rick Scott was really as dishonest as Bill McCollum said he was, they why did Bill McCollum subsequently back him for Governor?  If Scott was an honest businessman then McCollum LIED about his record.  If McCollum told the truth then shouldn’t he have refused to endorse Scott?  The answer to both of these should have been a yes.

Then again, Scott was a fellow Republican running against a Democrat and, honesty, in politics, is often the first casualty.

There is a “truth in advertising” law but, not a “truth in politics”..

Let’s look at who we put in the Senate, in the same year, Marco Rubio.  It has been reported that the first thing he did on getting into office was to spend $150,000 to refurbish his office.  He had stated that he is probably the only Senator who has not paid off his student loans from 1996…  Even though his income, for several years, was in the $300,000 – $400,000 range.

This is one of the people we send to Washington to vote on our budget?  He can’t even live with in his own means.

We send the dishonest and big spenders to represent us, and then we wonder why we don’t get the kind of government we want.  Instead we get the kind of government we deserve.

So let us spend less time listening to the politicians, and more time watching what they DO.

Thank you,

That Joe Guy.


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Marco Rubio for President?

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I have recently read a number of newspaper articles about the truthfulness of Marco Rubio.  In specific his claim that, being he is a child of people who fled the tyranny of Fidel Castro, he understands the exiled Cubans in Miami..

There are reports that they had, in fact, fled Cuba 2 and 1/2 years before Castro overthrew Battista….  On the face if this allegations it would appear that he was, at the least, confused, and at the worst a liar.  In one article, of several published in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, he indicates that his escape from Cuba was due to the idea that his parents changed their minds about returning to Cuba…

A common idea is that intelligence can be inherited, and this give me a thought.  What if he inherited his parents ability to see future events, after all they saw the tyranny of the Castro regime 2 and 1/2 years before he got into power, and, according to one account, saw this all while Castro was still in Mexico

That would be the kind of President the United States needs…