Party of the which part?

A Good Man Is Hard to Find
A Good Man Is Hard to Find (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

I have been writing about LIES and how you, if you want to see who is lying, must be able to look up the truth because, as I have quoted Fox Mulder, the X-Files, “the truth is out there”.

Sometime when I look at the political ads I must ask the question : how stupid to they think I am?  Then I see something like this, I will clue you in soon, and wonder : just how stupid are they?

With all the discussion about child predators, people confessing to crimes, and other things that you can find on Facebook, wouldn’t you think that people would be carefull about what they put on their page?

I guess not.

You would think that an ad that talks about Republican women for Obama would pick Republican Women…  so look at the Facebook page for Maria Ciano here, and see how Republican she really is.

Then again maybe it is just too hard to find a real Republican Woman who plans to vote for Obama, and they have to pick one, poor choice, who “lets the cat out of the bag” on Facebook..

Now there might be some truth to the matter, I mean about some Republican Women who plan to vote for Obama, but, it ain’t in this ad.

Sure, most of the political advertising seem to be filled with partial truths, or outright lies but, why does this leave us with the unpleasant feeling that we are really just voting for the “lesser of two evils”?

What happened to the day when we felt like we could vote for the better man?

For example of the “Better Man” theory : between Bill Nelson, a democrat with an excellent personal history, or Connie Mack IV, with a history of drunken fights and road rage, I would vote for …ta da… Bill Nelson and the man I would rather represent me..  Leave Connie Mack to the Beer Hall…

It is true that I might not like all of Bill Nelson’s politics but, sometimes it is the “person” you vote for and NOT the “party”.

People who vote a strict party line and don’t question their lies, are part of the reason we have to wonder which is the lesser of the two evils.

I would like to see the day when they tell us why we should vote for them and not why we should not vote for the other guy.  People who really care who they vote for should make them prove they are the better person for the job.

Try this… the next time you see your Representative try to imagine that he is YOU…  Would you like yourself?


That Joe Guy..

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Multi-tiered Ethical Standards

Also know as Double standards…

When we venture out into the world, there are certain standards of conduct that we expect from people, there are certain standards that we expect them to live by, and we judge them by our idea of ethics.  For Military people it is the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Federal Law that lays out the acceptable conduct of military personnel.  This tells them what is expected of them, and what can happen to them of they violate these standards.

Most of use are bound by City, County, State and Federal Law, and the violation of these laws might result in fines and/or imprisonment.

Christians have the 10 Commandments, which tell them how they are supposed to act, though there are other sections of the bible that lay out other requirements, it is still the 10 Commandments that get the most attention.

Evan social organisations have standards of conduct, the violation of which might result in expulsion.

One of my favorite quotes by a fictional character is by Gen. Freeman, in a book written by Ian Slater.  The General is talking about prostitutes and makes the statement “prostitutes, their little better than politicians”.  I have always thought that statement said a lot… So what does this have to do with the conversation?

The question is : why do we set such low standards for politicians?  If my friends lied to me as much as the average politician I would stay away from him but, in the case of the people we put into some government office, to represent us, we set the ethical bar so low that the only way they seem to run afoul of it is to land in jail.

Teddy Kennedy‘s drunk driving killed a young woman on his staff.  If I had gotten drunk, run off the road into the water, and had left the young woman to drown I would have probably been in jail for murder.  Teddy just kept getting reelected, which just goes to show the type of standards the voters in his state had.  Newt Gingrich tried to appeal to the conservative Christians in Florida, in spite of his having not only cheated on 2 out of 3 wives but had broken his oath to Jehovah twice, that we know of.  Fortunately the Christian population did NOT fall for it.  When Marco Rubio was running for office he told the people, who would vote for him, that his parents fled the tyranny of Fidel Castro, in spite of the fact that they had left Cuba several years BEFORE Castro got into power, they still voted for him.

If you are really interested in the standards of your favorite politician then write down his statements about his opponent, and then check them with one of the fact check websites, and see how much truth you can get out of them…..  MOSTLY TRUE is NOT the TRUTH…  and as Fox Mulder used to say “the truth is out there”.

Lets start to hold Politicians to the same standards we would anybody else, which doesn’t include lawyers, banker, used car salesmen, military recruiters..  oh, I think you get the idea.

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The Great American Game Show…..

Wack-a-mole. Gayla's highscore = 140
The Contestants deal with old scandals. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The United States is a country that seems to love it’s TV game shows.  We call it “Real TV“, not because it REALLY portrays REAL LIFE but because, for whatever reason, it happens in front of a camera.  This allows us to say, with some confidence, that it REALLY did happen.

We already have a number of contest, at the City, County, State, and Federal level, that could be adapted, in some way, to fit these formats.

I think that I will just consider the main national game, “The Great Race for the Presidency”, and wonder about what kind of format to put it in….  Don’t tell me about the Dignity of the Office, these are just contestants and bear no resemblance to what they might be like once they are in office….

Besides, chances are they gave up whatever dignity they ever had long before they got to a level to run for President.

I have watched some of these show, though not really enough to be an expert on any of them, then again this is my opinion and so I don’t have to be an expert.  Much like the people you see as analist on the various Talk News shows.

So, lets get to it…

There is the “Great Race”…  yeah that could be a good format..  The various teams run around the country, much as they do now, competing in various contest.  We could get rid of those pesky debates where they tell lies about each other and all we get for it is to find out which one is the most inventive liar.  Instead we could have events like Whack a Scandal, similar to Whack a Mole, where they try to beat down past scandals.

We could have one, “The Power Seeker” based on the “Survivor” show, where we place the contestants in a location fitting a politician, such as a toxic waste dump, where they could engage in varied activities that they would enjoy in the wild, such as lying and stabbing each other in the back.  The winner would be taken to Washington and be confined to the White House, which could be modeled after Big Brother.

Then we could have “The Next Big Brother” which might be similar to the “Survivor” above, except we just put a big house on the Toxic Waste Dump.

How about “Americas Got Putzes”, which of course is similar to “Americas Got Talent“, where each of the candidates tries to convince us that they have done something worthwhile. The Judges, not the Supreme Court, would point out their lies, and like the movie said, though I paraphrase, “and there will be lies”.

Then there is “The Spin” which would be done like “The Voice” where we don’t see the candidate, only the back of their chairs, where they tell us, with out mentioning their names, what their beliefs are and what they plan to do once they are in office.  This way we could, maybe, weed out the ones who sound like nuts.

Or, maybe, we could have one called “The Power Behind the Throne” which might be a combination of the “The Power Seeker”,or “The Next Big Brother”, and maybe “The Bachelor”.  This one would be in two tiers.  In one the candidates would be trying to get be the main contender, while to other tier would not be about picking a wife but would be about him picking his special interest.  Then we would know, for sure, who the real “Power Behind the Throne” is, and would not have to guess or even pretend to believe he represents US.

Then again there might be the “Real Putzes of Washington” that would be similar to “The Real Housewives of ” fill in the blank.  This might even be centered on the people who marry them.

I might have missed a couple of ideas being I don’t watch the shows much, at all.

We could even raise money by opening the voting via a 1-900 number just like the votes cast on TV..  This would help out the Democrats as there would be no pesky voter list to circumvent.