Speeding cop case dismissed, even though person died – Sun Sentinel

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English: Image of the patch of the Florida Highway Patrol. Made with Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is indeed an interesting story… You really must reading it so that you can understand the really egregious actions of the State Trooper..

The story pretty much speaks for itself but I will just make a couple of comments about it..

The first comment is that when I was going through the Air Force Security Police Tech. School in 1974 they told us that when we are responding to any kind of emergency that “It does not matter how fast you DON’T GET THERE”.  In this Troopers case he KILLED someone and still did not reach the scene of the crime, which was a call about somebody throwing rocks off an overpass…  Yes, someone can get killed when a rock goes through their windshield but, a collision at 102MPH is more likely to kill than the rock…

The other thing is about “Professional Courtesy”..  In 1975, after Tech. School and Basic, to 1977 I was stationed at Tyndall AFB in North Florida..  I-98 pass through the base and we had what was called Concurrent Jurisdiction with the Civilian cops.  That was because even though 98 passed through the base it was in fact a public road and so the Civilian cops also patrolled it.  At any time of day, or night, you could find Bay County Sheriffs, Florida Highway Patrol, or even, back then, Florida Marine Patrol vehicles.

One night we stopped to check on a Bay County Deputy, we often got bored and stopped to  chat.  He had been using a radar speed gun to ticket speeders.  When we stopped to see how he was doing he said that he was going to give it up for the night, and complained that of the 12 speeding stops he had conducted that night 8 of them had pulled out badges and requested “Professional Courtesy”.

This is not a new thing..  It is something that has been going on for years but, this guy was able to KILL one of the people he was supposed to protect(?).  He was going to a call, sure, at 102 MPH with not lights or siren?

Speeding cop case dismissed, even though person died – Sun Sentinel