I recently received a rather “unique job offer”.

CycaballerewoSofoqia@outlook.com sent me this email…

This is an unique job offer with zero costs.
Our team is Florida established mail forwarding firm. We look for devoted mail fulfillment admins who are residents of US.
Zero extensive expertise is needed other than typical computer literacy and also competence to take care of deliveries adequately.
The role calls for the staff to accept packages at their home address and resend the goods and correspondence to our clients.

It is a reliable task having a payment of above $2500 every month.

Retirees, who remain at home, people, or business proprietors who are very motivated to work with us.

The responsibility:

– Arranging delivery forms
– Attend to user needs
– Analyze the goods
– Transport products to the appropriate USPS branches
– Add preapaid shipping stickers
– Be in touch with employer


– Should be an US citizen with a home address.
– Has to possess an automobile or an USPS branch nearby
– Can deal with parcels up to 25 lbs.
Interested individuals should respond directly to this email. Our company will get in touch with you soon.

People are always looking for ways to work from home and there is always people who will attempt to convince them that there is a way for them to make money from working at home.

I have looked at a number of them and, as far as I can tell, the only person who will make money is the one who sells you on the program.

This plan looks rather simple.  All you would have to do, for you $2500 a month is take packages sent to you, and re mail them to the companies customers..

Maybe it is part of a drop ship program.  Say company A sells products to it’s customers, though they don’t actually carry those products..  They send purchase order out to a number of drop ship companies, who will ship the items to you, and you can slap the labels from Company A on them so that it appears that Company A has a real mail room and won’t let the customer know they can buy directly from the real seller.

Then again.  It could also be that most of the packages you will be getting will be stuff that was purchased with stolen credit card information.  In this case you are a cutout used to hide the idenity of the people who used the stolen credit information to make the purchases, and the feds won’t really care if you did not know this.  A good example.

Don’t fall for this stuff.  The man in the example above now has a “Fraud Alert” attached to his credit card, and had to close out his account.


That Joe Guy.

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By Joseph Bowen

Ex SSgt in Air Force Security Police... I had 10 years of active duty and inactive reserve. I have a total of 20 years, includes Air Force SP, security experience. I also worked 8 years and 4 months in the Garden Center of the Sarasota Cattleman Walmart. I also took the CCNA class at Sarasota Vo-Tech, when it was still called that. I am now, since 2010 a caregiver for my Mother. While I am now a registered Republican I am more likely to vote for whichever person I believe will do a better job.. In the last presidential elections I voted Libertarian, as I the two main choices seemed to be between lying crook, or an uncouth babler who could not be trusted.

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