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Cops : what do we pay them for?

We keep hearing about people being shot by police.  Usually we hear about these shootings because the person shot was black, and the immediate response by the civil rights people and press is that he was shot because he was black.  This does  happen.

Yes, there are “some” cops who will shoot just because the suspect is black.  He might feel threatened by the person’s skin color, as he expects blacks to be violent felons.  He might not have been well trained, with little continuing training, in the first place.

Some Law Enforcement departments have rather intensive training, continuous, on the “use of force policy”.  Sometimes they use projected images of confrontations where the person being tested shoots at a projection screen.  Some use a version of paintball bullets that allows them to use their service weapon.  There are many different ways and you can find some of them displayed on youtube.  The nearest I have seen of this is that, when we were doing Security Police Qualification Course (SPQC) you would run in place for 30 or 40 seconds, or until you were breathing heavily.  This was an attempt to simulate the effect of an adrenaline rush in the blood.  The heavy breathing would play hell with your aim, as you tried to control your breathes in order to steady your arms..

The average Law Enforcement officer will, statistically, never fire his weapon off the firing range but, others might never know when it is going to be required.  It could happen on-duty, or off-duty as some departments view cops as always cops and so are required to carry a weapon at all times.

Years ago, there was a book called “Deadly Routine” which explained that sometime the officer’s duties, such as traffic stops, get to be so routine that they get careless and might not see the signs of danger until it is too late.

When an officer pulls over a vehicle, even for just speeding, he does not know if that person will just accept the ticket, argue over the ticket, or be a felon who pulls a weapon.  NO CALL is SAFE, and each situation may bring danger.  Arresting a husband, in a domestic fight, could result in the officer being attacked by the victim.  Cops chasing down a hit and run driver, who happened to be black, have been attacked by people who just saw what they assumed was the officers as attacking a man, for no reason they saw, for simply being black..

We could not pay them enough to do all the jobs we expect of them.  In addition to enforcing the law, knowing which laws would apply, being considerate of our constitutional rights, dealing with homeless people, people with mental problems, people with physical limitations, such as being deaf, or even people who do not speak English, and we expect them to do this in an environment where someone will decide that the officer did something wrong.

Take this situation:  a man is seen crawling into the window of a house, and reported by neighbors as a possible burglar.  Police arrive and enter the house, where they find a black male who refuses to identify himself and loudly accused them of racial profiling,so they arrest him for “disorderly conduct”. He turned out to be a Harvard Professor.  President Obama even got into the act by, while admitting that he did not know the particular facts, accusing the Police Sargent of “racial profiling” and “acting stupidly”.  Thus proving himself guilty of the very things he had accused the white Sargent of…

Mistakes happen and we expect the officer to know when to pursue a course of action and when to back off, all the while knowing that any mistake he makes is bound to be interpreted as “abuse of authority”.


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Perinatal hospice care prepares parents for the end, at life’s beginning – The Washington Post

Anti-abortion groups have pushed perinatal hospices as an alternative to abortion for women whose babies can’t survive outside of the womb.

Source: Perinatal hospice care prepares parents for the end, at life’s beginning – The Washington Post


Hello, is there anyone out there?

I may not be making any money on this blog but, I sometimes wish I would get comments from someone other than spammers..

I could use a few suggestions here… other than the people trying to sell the ceiling fans..



Spammers are not welcome here…

I used to use the Usenet for looking up things in the alt. subjects.  In those days I had a program that would connect with them via my dial up modem, download the names of the Usnet groups, disconnect, pick the ones I was interested in, reconnect to get a list of articles from each group, disconnect so that I could pick which articles I wanted, and then reconnect just long enough to get the articles downloaded for off-line reading..  That was back when I was allowed a certain amount of connection time a month.  Later, when I got my first DSL connection I did not have to worry about it, and could stay connected for long periods of time..  That was when I learned about spammers.

I did not have that problem when I had my three line Major BBS system as it used the caller ID to verify who connected, though they still had to log-in…  There were few problem about spamming as only registered user could post, and it was easy for me to moderate new post.

With Usenets there were people who would post to more than one group at a time, and put stuff in there that had nothing to do with the group.  When most of the ISP stopped carrying the alt groups I had to go elsewhere, which lead me to the ATT Worldgroups, until they dropped that, or the Yahoo groups and Google.

These days some of the groups I try to follow have so much spam in them it is almost impossible to find what I am looking for, so I am dropping them little by little.

So where is he going, you ask?

Simple.  Last night I was planning to finish a post that I had been working on, off and on, for several days.  One of the first things I did was check out the comments section to see if there were worth keeping.  I now know my blog is getting out to someone as there were over 50 messages, relating to an article I had called “The Enemy of my Enemy is…”  Over 50 comments were made about that page, all without even indicating they had read the article..  Most of them were some kind of cut and paste comments trying to sell some kind of service.  Now I have no idea how that article inspired people to try to sell shoes, fans, or even SEO services.  Some of them stated that they had looked for a way to communicate with me though non of them was smart enough to look at the menu where it say “Feedback”.  That would have been a good place.

I would love to hear legitimate comments, and suggestion but, for those people who did like the 58 I saw last night : they get deleted.

For those of you who are kind enough to make comments I would only ask that you write enough about the article so that I can tell that you really read it..  I have even gotten comments, about the “About Me” page saying that this we really good information and they had never thought of it that way…  Huh?  What way is that.


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Will wonders never cease?

I see, from an email I got from, that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin has called Donald Trump America’s “Absolute Leader”..  What do we think about the fact that the Commies like Trump?

I just wonder..  Is it a good thing that our sometimes enemy likes the Donald?  NO.