Climate Change?

The weather people here, in Sarasota, Fl, have been talking about how cold it is in relation to the last number of years. It pretty much seems that the temp. is down from normal. Is that a sign of global warming?

I don’t know about any of that. I can’t tell if we have a climate change, or not. What I do see is that large companies seem to want to drag their feet about making upgrades to their equipment. Just look around you at some of the large manufacturing companies and see the crap that is expelled from their smoke stacks. When I was in Germany, from 82 to 84, we were told that environmentally they were at the level we were in the 60s. People who bought cars there, and tired to ship them to the U.S. at the end of their tour often found that the vehicle had to be modified to meet the emission control standards we required in the U.S. I might be the same way now but, I am not so sure.

I used to see these commercials about some company that showed a nice green area so the company, usually one of the gas companies, could brag about what they were doing to protect the environment. What they would not tell is in that ad was how they only did it when forced by new laws. Do we really want out cites to look like the Olympics in China, where they had to wear mask to go outside?

I don’t care if you think it does not make a difference to the warming, or chilling, of the earth. I just want to see clean air and be sure that people are not getting sick. That can not be done by relaxing the regulation that are enforced by people who are not doing their jobs in the first place.

The problem with large corporations is their objective is to make the stockholders happy. To do that they keep expenses as low as they can. Expenses such as filters for the stack that belch foul smoke, limiting safety checks on pipelines that burst and spew oil all over the place, or even ignore obvious warning signs that result in the death of 11 people and sludge in the gulf.

We are going to see more of this, if the Republicans are able to cut back the regulations that guard our safety.

Look at my article Deregulation? Regulation?
If you want to deregulate something.. it implies that there is some kind of Regulation and/or Regulators.
The question is: where are our regulators?

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