If it isn’t one thing, it is another…

Some of you might have notice that MyViewbyJoe.com has been down for a couple of days..

Well, thanks to the people at IPOWER.com we are back up, it was all my fault..  When I started this site several years ago I was expecting to make some money on it, ha ha, so I had an attempt at a storefront going.. with the blog, which I added later, being an extension of that..  Which is why anyone going to the blog had to click an the link..

When I got rid of the software for the front page I did not change anything..

So last week I decided to move the folder around so as to get rid of the non existent front page…

I changed the file structure.. and suddenly the server could not find my site and started to give off errors…

I screwed around with it..  could not get into the site.. and then, as a last resort, I asked for some help..  The nice lady I did the chat with reminded me that the server pointers, that tell where in the file structure my site was at, were pointed to the wrong place…

When I fixed that the site came back up..  Did I mention that somewhere in the I had re-installed WordPress, the blog software?

I did.. and once I got the site back up, and the passwords redone I found that the dash board, read control panel, was not all there, and that I only had about 5 subscribers, 3 of them were my IDs and there were two others who had been able to sign-up, though I have not idea how..

Thinking about this drove me to look at the database..  WordPress had created a new one, so I fiddle with the data base, and something went sprang.. and it was unable to connect to the database..

Again I had to get help..

Well, again thanks to Ipower support staff we are back in action.

Thank you Ipower.com.

For anyone who missed the site, or noticed it was not working, I am sorry, and it was all my fault..


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