Windows Updates?

Any time there is a problem with a program on my computer, and Windows has NO IDEA how to fix it, they tell me that there is an UPDATE to that program that will fix me right up…

I keep checking back with Incredimail, my e-mail program, and they don’t seem to understand how far behind they are with the UPDATES…

Windows, om my system, seems to have gotten all the updates it can stand, so it is now going through spasms of “not responding”.

I would like to get a new computer in the next couple of years but the thing is: I don’t want a new operating system until they can get Vista fixed…

Maybe I am just strange that way but, I wish they would get the present OS fixed before they go on the screw up a new one….

A couple of years ago I read an article that quoted Bill Gates as saying they had planned to have Windoze put out as a subscription service, and that as long as you were subscribed to the service you would get  the newest copy of the OS..  That sounded great to me..

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