Don’t have a lot of people on your Facebook page?

Don’t want to spend a whole lot of time getting “likes: but you want to look popular?  Then I might have just the thing for you.  I was checking out my Spam messages and found this one..

Buy Facebook Likes Cheap with us perfect solution

I don’t know how legit this is but,  if the real world was like this I would have been much more popular in High School.

One Reply to “Don’t have a lot of people on your Facebook page?”

  1. Sorry it took so long to respond… Actually, I don’t even have a page. Don’t want one. I get more phishers than I need as it is! I don’t like some of the set-up parameters, nor do I want to put any more info about myself out into the ether. So therefore I have no ise for any new apps that work on Facebook. Once again — Sorry, but that’s just me.


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