CSI : Cyber?

I just, tonight, watched the latest installment of CSI : Cyber.  The show is fun to watch.  You just have to understand that most of it is unrealistic, but who really cares.

Patricia Arquette was in another show that was just as authentic..  Anyone remember the show Medium?

Of the two shows I tend to think of Medium as being the more believable of the two.  When I watch Cyber I keep expecting her to pull out an electronic Ouji  board to make contact with the spirit of a computer, which will then tell them who hacked it..  Maybe that is just me..

There are times when you have to have a suspension of disbelief to watch..  Like when the got a guy’s phone and figured out that he had a GPS on it..  They got the GPS data from his phone and realized that some of the data was from some kind of vibration.  They then supposed that he had placed the phone on his desk while he typed on the keyboard..  Then they mapped out where his phone was in relation to the keyboard.  Running a program that took this information they figured out what keys he was typing, and so figured out what he had typed on the computer..  Really?

Oh well..  It is fun show to watch and I enjoy it, so who really cares if it is not very realistic..


That Joe Guy.

Here is an interesting review of the pilot.

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