Lets hear if for the State of Illinois…

Illinois State Senate
Illinois State Senate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First they had Gov. Rod Blagojevich who got into trouble by trying to sell Ex-Senator Barack Obama’s seat in the Senate…  The we have Jesse Jackson Jr., a great credit to his father, having ethics problems…

Now I see, from a small bit in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, that Illinois is thinking about making special drivers licences for Illegal immigrants. Since that state, and the city of Chicago, seem to have trouble with understanding about laws this is not a really big surprise.  The again I could be a clever ploy.  If a driver has a special DL that indicates he is an illegal does that mean a de facto admission of a crime?  Would that give a police officer, say in a normal state, reasonable belief that this person has violated our immigration laws?  I would think so but, the question remains : if a cop in Illinois sees one of these DL at a traffic stop, can her arrest that person for being an illegal immigrant?


That Joe Guy.