Public Safety

Who said Florida was the STRANGE state?

Emeryville from inside the Hilton on the Marina
Emeryville from inside the Hilton on the Marina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Police Chief of Emeryville Ca.  Chief Ken James is quoted by The Examiner as saying “A gun is an offensive weapon used to intimidate and show power,” he asserted, explaining to the audience that police officers don’t carry weapons to defend themselves, but to do their job in a “safe and effective manner.”  He is further quoted as saying that the idea of a “GUN” being a defensive weapon is a “myth”.

So is he saying their  job not to defend anyone but  “show of force” and to “intimidate” the citizenry?  This from a Chief of a Police of a City with only 8,000 people?  It must be a rather large department, compared to the size of the City, considering that fact that the Chief has 4 stars on his collar….

According to The Examiner he is the Police Chief Association’s Firearms Committee Chairman.  I did not see anything in the article saying if he had worked his way into that job, or if he was appointed to it..

At the bottom af the article they point out that his remarks have been ridiculed by “gun owners”…  personally I think what he is saying is pretty clear.  The job of his police officers is not one of protection but one of intimidation.

Am I wrong and he just misspoke?  Or does he truly see the people in his down as a group that must be “intimidated” into line?

This is the kind of attitude we must guard against…  This man would appear to fit in with the kind of people who would give us a “Police State”.


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