Public Safety What are they thinking?

Terrorist Security Agency strikes again, and again.

I have been reading news accounts of the TSA brain trust.  In WICHITA, Kan. 4 year old female, Isabella, had just gone through the checkpoint with her mother,Michelle Brademeyer of Montana, when she ran back to hug her grandmother, Lori Croft.

TSA agents attempted to do a pat down of the 4 year old, when she ran off.  TSA agents supposedly called the young 4 year old an “uncooperative suspect”, and said they would have to shutdown the entire terminal due to the “threat” the 4 year old girl represented.

No doubt they thought this little 4 year old girl would outwit them, in the fashion of a miniJason Bourne, and turn up on the plane by herself.

Then again, maybe this experience will just reinforce the class she had recently taken about “strangers”.  Strange being the operative word.  Do the people at TSA not understand the idea that 4 year olds might not understand why a strange man would want to touch her?

In another incident, at JFK Airport, the mother of Dina Frank, who has Cerebral Palsy Says TSA Treated Daughter “Like Osama Bin Laden“.  Dina Frank a developmentally disabled 7 year old who walks with leg braces was subjected to a pat down search by TSA agent who, it seems, viewed her crutches and braces and instruments of destruction.

The started a pat down check on the 7 year old terrorist, who also got understandably upset because she did not understand why they were doing this.  Her father, Dr. Joshua Frank, began to video tape this situation, with his phone, and was cursed and screamed at by TSA agents, according to reports.  Once they were allowed past the checkpoint they went to their boarding gate to wait and he been there an hour after the original confrontation when they were told that a manager had decided that the first pat down had not been fully completed, which meant they would have to redo the pat down.  By the time the groups had gotten back to the first check point, did the new pat down, and returned to the gate, their plane had left.

There was another article I had read, though I can’t seem to find it, about another young lady, 7 to 9 years of age, who was also terrorized by  the TSA, and this is not even bringing up the stories about stolen property, taken from securely checked luggage, or drugs smuggle through the Air Ports by TSA personnel, or confederates.

This string of incompetence runs all the way from the Guards at the checkpoints to the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Nepolitano who runs a department that can NOT security anything.

Remember her as the lady who stated that the bigest threat to the U.S. was from Returning Vets, who, having been trained to kill in defense of their country, might go postal at anytime.  Maybe that explains why they don’t arm the TSA Guards at the Gate..  Who knows when they might go postal, like when faced with a 7 year old terrorist disguised by leg braces and crutches….or the 3 year old Ninja who was able to escape the checkpoint by toddling off.

So, the next time you plan a trip: maybe the train is safer.

Official portrait of United States Secretary o...
Official portrait of United States Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano Español: Retrato oficial de Secretaria de Seguridad Interna de los Estados Unidos Janet Napolitano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)