Servicewoman told DUI cost her a Christmas call from Obama | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper


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Servicewoman told DUI cost her a Christmas call from Obama | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Golda Payne had been told that she would get a Christmas day phone call from the President…  As the article above states, only about 10 military people are on this list.

So, after giving an interview to the Coast Guard newspaper, imagine her surprise when she did NOT get the call..  or that the reason she did not get the call was because she had a DUI conviction in 2006, and the White House did not want the negative publicity….  “The Coast Guard has been hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me,” Payne said in an email. “It provided me structure and discipline when I needed it most.” . . .

So it  would seem that a young woman who turned her life around after a DUI arrest, and was nominated by her superiors, for this phone call,  as a result  her duties in the U. S. Coast Guard….  That is terrible.  To think that just a couple of years ago she got caught driving drunk, and then changed the course of her life for the better.  We would never want that kind of message to go out..

He is the President of the United States of America and as such he is due respect for his office but, as a person HE might be the one who did not deserve this phone call.

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