The Nature of the Bear..


Anyone who has read my April 13th, 2014 article “Cold War Part II : The Return of the Dancing Bear” will take it as a condemnation of the Russian people..  You would be right..

In Recent news there have been many stories that point to the Russians  lack of change, or smarts.

After the fall of the Soviet Union most of the regions that had been held under the yoke of Russian domination decided it was their chance to make a break..

Things appeared to be going well  The Russians, for a couple of years, tried to fit in with the rest of the world.  This was an effort that did not really last very long..

Recent Russian actions  in the Ukraine and even the Georgia Republic, not the state just north of Florida, take us back to the old days of a Soviet Union..    The Russian might like to make everyone think they have changed but, as Popeye the Sailor would say “I am what I am, and that’s all that I am” they keep showing just what they are.

There are very good reason why a number of ex-Warsaw Pact countries wanted to join NATO, and  good reasons why NATO wanted them to join..

For years Europe was divided between the western countries, and the eastern bloc , or Warsaw Pact countries.  It wasn’t until the Soviet Union outspent itself, and fell apart that a divided Germany could be reunited, and other countries would try to join NATO tp protect themselves from just what we are seeing now, a resurgent Russia.

Some people have said that East Germany was better off under the rule of the Soviet Union, Anybody who thinks that should look at the pictures of East Berlin at the time the wall fell,  and compare it with the same area just after WWII…  The is very little difference with large swaths of the area still showing devastation from the war, while on the other side of the wall West Germany, with the aid of the United States, Britain, France and Canada, had been able to rebuild and move forward..  Of course the biggest clue to what these countries are trying to avoid is the wall itself..

Anyone who wonders how much control the Soviets had over the Warsaw Pact countries has to look no further than Czechoslovakia in 1969..  It was a time that is refereed to as the Prague Spring…  a time when the Czechoslovakian government was actually trying to introduce a more open society.  The Soviets did not approve and so on the night of 20–21 August 1968, Eastern Bloc armies from five Warsaw Pact countries – the Soviet Union, the GDR, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary—invaded the ČSSR.  The Soviet Yoke was re-installed, and the Czechoslovakian people would not get another chance until the Soviets fell..

Yes, the Cold War seems to be back on, and as a Freedom Loving people we need to understand that the Russians are trying to get back their former glory, and that they see anyone who is not under their control as an enemy…    One of the things we NEED to do is offer support, and protection, to those nations that are under threat by the Dancing Bear.



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Cold War Part II? Return of the Dancing Bear..


English: The Cold War Русский: Холодная война ...
English: The Cold War Русский: Холодная война 中文: 冷战 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, the Russian Bear of old has returned to the dance floor and the left is once again falling over it’s  feet to show the world they are not afraid to dance with the Bear…

Round One  was like the old Dance Marathons of old with the Western countries, the United States taking the lead, dancing  till the Eastern Countries dropped.  The Soviet Union so exhausted it fell apart.

When the Soviet Union fell apart some years ago most nations breathed a sigh of relief and thought the Cold War was over and that Russia was going to join the rest of the world in “Peace and Harmony”…  This was a vision that had NO foundation in the real world…

All anyone has to do is look at the history of the Soviet Union…

During WWI the Russians were trying, at one point, to decide on whether to continue the fight or go for peace..  The Germans smuggled Lenin from Switzerland into Russia….*That is another thing we can blame on the Germans – the cold war*  where the new communist government took over the country by killing the Czar, the entire family and all the servants..     This would be a kind of trend..

Some years later the Russians would get together with the Germans to divide up Europe.  Together they invaded Poland and kicked off what would escalate into WWII.  The only reason we would be Allies with the Russians is because several months before the United States got into the war Russia was attacked by it’s ALLIES the Germans.

Over the years I have heard so much about the suffering of the Russian people.  How the faced so much deprivation during WWII.

The problem with this thinking is that it ignores the idea that if the Russian people not been so paranoid about the rest of the world, they obviously saw the rest of the word as being like them, they would have supported the rest of Europe and helped put down German aggression AT THE START, which would have eliminated the German’s later attack that almost defeated the Russians.  This would have saved many European lives as well as Russian.  Then again the Russian mindset is one that involves humanitarian principles…  Look at this : While Adolf Hitler is responsible for the death of 6,000,000, or so people, Stalin is credited with,  depending on where you read it, between 40,000,000 and 60,000,000 people.

Sure the Russians helped the Germans invade Poland because they, so they say, wanted a buffer between them and the hostile west..

A west that was hostile to actions of the Russians..   Here is an interesting article from the U. S. State Department office of the Historian.   Read this page and then tell me why their recent actions are a surprise?

Yes, the Bear is back and up to his old dance tricks.

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Is He for REAL? Is this Idenity Theft? I know it is spam…

I got another of those E-mail that are supposed to have been sent by my brother..  The first clue that it was NOT from him is that it was not in my Friends and Family folder in Incredimail…  This folder is NOT sorted by who they say they are but by the E-mail address so, if the E-mail address is different it just lays in the Inbox

Moving the mouse curser over the senders name revealed the address  The next thing is he used my full first name, which my brother does NOT use…  The web address has a domain of .ru which would appear to be in Russia and was pushed some kind of weight loss system by…  Looking up the e-mail address gave me the name Michael O. “Coop” Cooper.whose website says he is helping business owners increase their business, and so forth..

Other than for the use of this article I would have NO USE for him or his site…  for the simple reason that as soon as I looked at the e-mail I knew that someone had just LIED to me…  Maybe it is honest…  Maybe the person who sent it to me happens to have the same name as by brother, then again I think it is more likely that this is a scam and the only way they can attract  people’s attention is to LIE to them about who they are..

So, let us all do this…  If you get an e-mail fron a fried that looks suspicious run the cursor over the sent name and see if the e-mail address is one you know.  If it isn’t, then just delete it.  Who wants to risk doing any kind of dealing with someone who starts out by being dishonest…


That Joe Guy.