Cops : what do we pay them for?

We keep hearing about people being shot by police.  Usually we hear about these shootings because the person shot was black, and the immediate response by the civil rights people and press is that he was shot because he was black.  This does  happen. Yes, there are "some" cops who will shoot just because the suspect is black.… Continue reading Cops : what do we pay them for?

Protecting Our Children…

Not long after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings some people started saying we needed to place armed security officers at our schools.. That is a good question..  Should we spend the money to place officers on patrol in a school on the chance they might be in the right place to intervene when… Continue reading Protecting Our Children…

Warning Shots? Ha..

A while back I saw an article, I did not have a chance then to look more closely at it, about how the Florida Legislature was sending a bill to Governor Scott that would authorize the use of "Warning Shot" in the state code dealing with use of force. My first thought was "what are they, stupid?"… Continue reading Warning Shots? Ha..

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