Pill Mill a Rollin

In an effort to eliminate unneeded regulations that hinder business Gov. Rick Scott is planning to do away with the Prescription Pill Database. There may be some points in his favor.  Gov. Scott says that this database is an invasion of privacy, and it would be.  Most people records are protected under rules governing Doctor/patient rights, and this means that… Continue reading Pill Mill a Rollin

Middle East Peace? is it likely?

With the recent fall of Mubarak in Egypt I have fallen to wondering if it is possible that Peace could break out in the middle east. Learned people will tell us that our problem is that we do not understand other cultures.  That may be true but, does that mean that we have to pander to… Continue reading Middle East Peace? is it likely?

Let’s Get to Work..?

The results, of the election, are in and the new people are starting to "Get to Work". 4 out of 10 Floridians made the choice to vote, and the results are going to start being felt.. soon. When someone complains, in the coming months, you should ask them if they voted and then, if they… Continue reading Let’s Get to Work..?

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