Will Muslims now bow to Paris Hilton?

I don't think so. This will show you the kind of thing I do not pay attention to...  Paris Hilton.  On the other hand I like a little humor so, I was thrilled to see an article, online, that Paris Hilton, who knew she had stores, was opening a new store in Mecca.  It seems she… Continue reading Will Muslims now bow to Paris Hilton?


Islam : A religion of peace?

  When it comes to IslamI have my own idea about it.  What little I really understand about it     comes from a combination of information from a "Religions of the World" class I had at Manatee Junior College and what I was briefed on while in the service, and, finally, what I have… Continue reading Islam : A religion of peace?

Peacfull? I wonder.

I recently read an article by Tony Blair, the ex-Prime Minister of the UK, where he pointed out that out of 22 conflicts going on in the world , all but one of them involved Muslims. It is easy to point to this kind of article and say, "no, they are not a peaceful religion",… Continue reading Peacfull? I wonder.

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